[Official] Master List of Guides and Resources

3. Software Resources

  1. Unraid
    1. [Guide] Directory Splitting in Unraid
    2. [Guide] Migrating Plex Metadata from Unraid to Ubuntu
    3. [Guide] Remote Gaming on Unraid
    4. [Official] Tdarr QuickSync-Enabled HEVC Encoding Plugin
    5. [Official] Serverbuilds Unraid Theme!
    6. [Guide] HDDs + multiple cache pools in Unraid
  2. Plex
    1. [Guide] Create a mobile media server setup with Plex's new app
    2. [Guide] Hardware Transcoding: The JDM way! QuickSync and NVENC
    3. [Guide] killstream.py via Tautulli
    4. [Guide] Plex Transcoding and RAM Disks
    5. [Guide] Real-time Plex-to-Discord Notifications with Tautulli
  3. pfSense
    1. [Guide] pfblockerNG Setup (pfSense Adblocking)
    2. [Guide] Resolve Realtek NIC Stability Issues on FreeBSD - pfSense (2.4.4, 2.4.5, 2.5.0) + OPNSense, use 2.5Gb Realtek
    3. [Guide] Reverse Proxy via HAProxy + ACME on pfSense
  4. Linux
    1. [Guide] Auto-Mounting Filesystems in Linux
    2. [Guide] Migrating Plex Metadata from Unraid to Ubuntu
    3. [Guide] Installing Docker and Docker-Compose on Ubuntu
  5. Gaming
    1. [Guide] Overclocking (the right way) on Nvidia GTX and RTX series cards
  6. Other
    1. [Guide] Updating your LSI SAS Controller with a UEFI Motherboard
    2. [Official] X9SCM,X9SCL BIOS date bug
    3. [Guide] Using NUT to power down multiple systems
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