[Official] Serverbuilds Unraid Theme!

Custom Serverbuilds.net theme I created for Unraid. Instructions and files included in the .zip file. Please comment with any questions and ENJOY!

Unraid Banner Install.zip (791.9 KB)

Additionally, you can install Theme Engine from the app store, and use the below theme .zip for added customization. Based it off of this post Setting up Theme Engine for Unraid

ServerbuildsBlue-black.zip (938 Bytes)


Man, I don’t use unraid but this makes me wish that I did! Very nice, great work here!

Currently giving OpenMediaVault v5 a spin to see if it suits my needs. Saw it in operation at a friend’s house (he has two 8 bay DASs) and it made me want to try it. He’s running mergerfs+snapraid plugin and it looks like this would suit my needs very well with a largely static library that doesn’t change very often.

The MergerFS + SnapRaid is a very similar type of solution to how unraid does it. There are pluses and minuses to every method. Hope yours works for you!

TFW no 4K options

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you never asked… plus doesn’t your scaling on the 4k make it irrelevant?

Might be worth a shot then if they have a free/trial version for evaluation purposes. I’ve never really looked at unraid tbh so I know very little about it. I’ll take a closer look at their FAQs later tonight after work.

30 day free trial, usually can get an additional 30 days if you email support and ask.

for the longest time i didn’t want to pay for a NAS os, when there are so many free options. none could do exactly what i wanted, then i met unraid. i gruffed about the price, but now, it is worth so much more than i paid. so easy to use, and extremely flexible.


That’s good to hear, I know everyone here sings the praises of Unraid, but I’ve never experienced it first-hand so I’ll wait to pass judgement until I try it first. It really does sound fantastic. All OSs have their drawbacks, any that you’ve experienced that you can share so I can be on the lookout when I try it (and see if it affects my use case)?

@LivePono Your best best is to look through the forums, use one of the build guides and join the Discord. There are tons of posts and the community is super helpful. Since no one but you knows what your use case or hardware configuration is, any number of our pros/cons may not apply to you because chances are our uses cases and hardware configs are different.

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This looks so awesome MBP… Thanks!