[Official] X9SCM,X9SCL BIOS date bug


Attention folks with SuperMicro LGA1155 boards (X9SCM-F, X9SCL-F, etc)!

We’ve discovered a bug in the BIOS that causes the system to hang when entering BIOS setup if the board’s RTC is past 2020. Normal booting is not affected; F11 boot menu is not affected.

A workaround if you need to enter BIOS setup is to boot into an OS and backdate the RTC before rebooting. E.g., in Linux, hwclock --set --date=2020-01-01 0:00:00. Then reboot and enter BIOS setup, do your thing, and reboot into your regular OS. Your OS should sync correct time from NTP and be happy.

A SM rep has indicated they are aware of this issue, so we’re hoping for a BIOS update soon to fix the issue.

Follow the #x9scm-2021-date-issue channel on Discord for updates.


SuperMicro has posted an official BIOS update, v2.3a!

Go to the SuperMicro support page for your board (e.g., X9SCM-F or X9SCL-F). From the “Links & Resources” box on the right hand side, select “Update Your BIOS”. Links for both of these boards point to the same download zip; X9SCi and X9SCA have a different BIOS.