[Guide] NAS Killer 5.0

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In the quicksync guide, I have it completely outlined how to install ubuntu + plex. It should take less than an hour to do so.

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Hi, Building my first NAS Killer 5 to replace a Synoloygy. The Synology works great, but I like to tinker and when I came across this Discord I couldn’t resist. Looks like prices have come way down on LGA 1150 gear since this guide was first published, although I have a feeling that over time the additional power draw is going to really eat into the cost aspect of it.

Here is what I’m working with so far:

Supermicro X10SLH-F - $30
Xeon E3-1271 V3 - $22
32 GB DDR3 1600 ECC - $48

Total so far: $100 + Tax and shipping on the Motherboard.

The memory was kind of expensive compared to the other parts, but I like to use ECC if the board supports it so here we are.

Also picked up some used 10TB SAS drives on ebay and I’m currently looking for a SAS card.

X520-DA2 10GB network - $50. I already had a couple of these, but they seem to go for about $50 used.

Any recommendations for an SFP+ card that draws less power? Maybe just one with a single SFP+ port since I don’t really need redundant networking.

What has not come down in price are Cases. Boy do they eat up any savings on the other components. I think at $149 I would have just picked up a RSV-L4500U but those are like $250 now and at that price I don’t think that case is worth it. Also looked at the Node 804 since the motherboard is micro-ATX, but even that is pretty pricey at $125. Space isn’t really an issue so I don’t need a smaller case, and it seems like there were a lot of compromises. Considering a Define R5 also for $125 which is an old case but I think better for my purposes than the Node 804.

There is always the CM N400 but even that is over $100 with tax and shipping.

Does anyone have any other case recommendations? Or a good place to get used cases?


I’m a complete noob when it comes to building a computer despite the fact I’ve been a programmer for 20+ years.

However, since I’ve decided to no longer use USB hard drives, and after spending some time researching, I’ve decided to skip buying a Synology and build my own.

I intend to use TrueNas core Scale and after reading their hardware guide, I’ve found the NAS killer 5.0 components seem to match my and there requirements.

In line with this, I’ve so far purchased

Supermicro X10SLM-F LGA 1150 Motherboard ($159 AUD)

Crucial 32GB - 4x8GB unbuffered EEC Ram @ 1600mhz ($150 AUD)

Xeon 1285L v4 ($100 AUD)

antec p101 silent mid-tower atx case ($80 AUD)

corsair rm650x ($85 AUD)

SuperMicro AOC-S2308L-L8i ($55 AUD)

My next purchase needs to be a chip and I am seeking advice on the most appropriate chip for my set up

My server will act primarily as file server along with transcoding 2 or 3 streams from 4k, and maybe run a VM for Plex server as well as radarr/sonnar and qtorrent over a VPN. Total storage size will be around 60TB.

Should I aim for the chip with the highest passmark and the lowest TPD that fits my budget within the manufacturer specs?

I would also like to confirm that I could use a PCIE card to expand my hd capacity if required. Additionally could I use 1 of the slots to run a NVME which I understand can be used for caching.

Additionally, in terms of a power supply, is it better to overdo the capacity for future proofing or not?

Thanks in advance.

I can’t seem to update my post but

Revision 1.01 of the SuperMicro x10SLM-F mobo does NOT support Xeon 1285 V4 chips (Broadwell), despite what the SuperMicro website states. They are only supported in later revisions.

You will only discover this after building your system
which wont’ post and instead you’ll get 5 short beeps and 1 long beep (indicating a memory error).


This and other references are wrong. Ive updated my bios to the latest version (on a rev 1.01) board and it accepted the chips without issue and posted fine.

Hi guys,

I built Nas Killer 2.0 (IIRC) a while ago and have been using it for about 5 years and its got some annoyances and issues creeping in that are causing a lot of downtime, I’d like to start from scratch.

I got a good deal on a Supermicro X10SLM±F w/ 32 GB 1600 and Xeon processor in a bundle.

I’d like to re-use my Rosewill rackmount and most of my storage as well.

I’m going to upgrade the cache to a pair of NVMe or similar, but I’d like to re-use all my current storage and parity drives.

Is it as simple as doing a fresh install of UnRaid on a fresh stick, and connecting all the old drives to the new system and will they all be seen by UnRaid and have the storage intact?

I know I have to reconfigure all my dockers and plugins and I want to do a fresh, clean install anyway. My main concern was keeping my existing storage collection.

Thanks in advance

If you make note of your Array Devices and restore each device to its original location, you can preserve the array intact.

You will have to remake all your shares. You will also have to transfer the license, if you have one.

It really would be easier to move the USB and delete your plugins, dockers, and anything else you want to re-create.

Hello @JDM_WAAAT - this is a great list. By any chance, do we have a centralized list where I can also see the Ethernet speed corresponding to the motherboard? I am looking for a 2.5Gbe motherboard which made me search for motherboards and I realized that my search skills are not that good!

Also, i see that there are spreadsheet (google docs) that I can open for say CPU but the motherboard list is just directly in the forum, which makes it hard to apply filters.

Is there a link I am not seeing that allows me to open the entire list by any chance? I am new here so I may not have seen the whole thing.


It seems a lot of the cases are no longer available anymore. Suggestions?

In this guide, everything is 1Gbps ethernet. You can always add a 2.5Gb card if you want.

The Cooler Master N400 should still be available.

other than getting new gen hardware - which will be very spendy. I would also highly suggest you get a add on 2.5gb card.

I see alot of people skipping that and going to scrapped server 10GB cards. they take a few more pieces and you’ll need a switch that will take it but those are also out there.

But I just bought an ikoolcore r1 to use as a router - and it’s a 4 port 2.5 - so I’m getting a 2.5 NIC for my server and for my transcode box. supposedly I can use the realtek chip which is cheaper to get right now but if not the intel 226 is the other go to. The 2.5 Nic is relatively cheap but check your PCI lanes. which my older gen hardware on the NAS box I have to be careful with slot I use.

I’m looking to upgrade my current X9SCM build and am looking at the X10D boards on eBay. It’s in a Rosewill L4500 case and is running a P2000 GPU so need at least one x16 slot. I’m wondering which ones would be recommended and which to avoid. Or perhaps I’m missing another option. The overall most critical requirement is that it has WAF(Wife Approval Factor).

X10D As in you looking at Dual Xeon E5s? I would recommend the X10DRi. 3x PCIe 16 slots.

Since you currently have a single socket board and you are posting on the NK 5.0 thread I’m guessing you are looking for something similar which are the X10S boards. In that case I would recommend the X10SLH-F It has the most current LGA1150 chipset (C226), a reasonable amount of PCIe connectivity for expansion, and IPMI.

However The NK 5.0 / LGA 1150 socket is a bit old at this point. For your upgrade I would actually point you to the NK 6.0 guide on LGA 1151 and 8th / 9th Gen CPUs. You should see a significant performance boost over the NK 5.0 for only a moderate price bump. For an NK6.0 I would recommend the X11SCA-F.

Just for fun, there is a seller on Ebay currently offering used X12SAE at a reasonable price. If you can also find a good deal on a 10th gen Intel CPU you could get ahead of the curve. The caveats though are that 10th gen CPUs will be a significant price increase over 8th / 9th gen CPUs for only a marginal performance bump and you would basically be a guinea pig for what will someday be an NK7.0 once prices come down. If that doesn’t sound like fun to you then probably sick with an NK 6.0.

No matter which choice you make it will be a significant upgrade over your current NK 4.0 setup.

Just for fun, there is a seller on Ebay currently offering used X12SAE at a reasonable price. If you can also find a good deal on a 10th gen Intel CPU you could get ahead of the curve.

I just grabbed a Xeon W-1250 for this board for $90 on eBay.

A W-1250 sounds like an fine pairing for the X12SAE. Good price too; That CPU is the equivalent of an E-2246G which typically costs 2 to 3 times as much as you paid for the W-1250.

Now just get 32 GB of DDR4, preferably ECC, RAM and you should be good to go. You will probably be limited to 2666 or 2933 Mhz RAM speeds with that board and CPU, but in my experience, at least with ECC, DDR4 3200 is often actually cheaper, (I think they just made a lot more of it) and will work just fine at lower speeds. If you are going to get ECC memory just make sure to get Unbuffered Dimms (UDIMM) and not Registered DIMMS (RDIMM).

Enjoy your new build. Post some pics when its done.

I have 32GBs of ECC RDIMM sitting around from a previous purchase, why isn’t that a good choice?

Because it’s not compatible with the motherboard

Noooooooooooooooooooo :dizzy_face: