[Guide] NAS Killer 5.0

Hey, after some guidance as I will be looking to build a replacement NAS, currently I’ve got a Synology DS415+ which I’m looking to decommission. The plan is too build something and use TrueNAS or Unraid still undecided. I would like to use the existing drives, currently 3 x 4TB drives but would also throw in a couple of new 6TB drives as well.

From what I can see most the NAS Killer builds are all Intel Xeon builds, I wouldn’t mind doing that but buying everything from eBay and non warranty is a concern. Is there a Intel i5 /i7 build or AMD Ryzen equivalent or do I go the Dell Precision Tower route? I don’t plan to run any VM’s on it as I’ve got a couple of servers that will be used for that purpose.

Also not scared of building it myself as I’ve built plenty of PC’s over the years, worked in a computer store 10 odd years ago.

How did you go, I’m based in AU as well and stuff from eBay isn’t exactly cheap for us.

I had trouble finding used parts but eventually came across a bundle, intel Core i5-6500 + Supermicro X11SAE-M + 16Gb DDR4, for £125. I ordered a new fractal node 804 case from Poland because used cases were selling for around the same price. Overall I’ve spent less than the price of a 4 bay Synology

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Ah cool, what O/S did you put on it, also how do the drives fit in that case? I think I’ve found the same deal for the mobo + ram and cpu as well.

I haven’t put it together yet. Still waiting for the mobo and case to arrive. I’m thinking about installing OpenMediaVault.

A HP 290 or HP S01. It would read files over the network from the NAS using the QuickSync guide.

Hello! I hope I am not breaking any rules but I have a few questions and to be honest I feel a bit lost and everything seems to be overwhelming at the moment.

Anyways, I am primarily looking to make a DIY (or pre build) NAS that can handle the following things:

  • I want to install Plex, or something similar, for streaming movies or series. I need it to be able to handle 3/4 streams of 1080p at the same time or 3 4k streams at the same time.
  • I want to be able to back up my pictures and view them
  • I want to make an IMDB page where I can add series/movies and that it will download it automatically in the right quality and folder with the right subtitles. I already looked a bit into Sonarr and Radarr
  • It would be nice to add camera footage later on but not needed now.
  • I would like to keep it as power efficient as possible.

What hardware would I need for this? I tried reading up on a few threads here but I hear a lot of the HP 290 or for DIY builds that seem to vary a lot, from this guide to the following:

Motherboard: Asus Prime Z370-P
CPU: I5-9400T
RAM: TeamGroup Elite 1x16gb
SSD: Sabrent Rocket Q 512gb

I find it hard to know what sort of hardware would be best suited for my needs while staying as power efficient as possible.

Thanks in advance.


Hey @JDM_WAAAT - I’m looking at building on an ITX (to fit in a Fractal 304) and noted that the h81i-plus motherboard actually has 2 x SATA6 as well as the 2 x SATA3 that you note, making it a much stronger choice.

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IMO it shouldn’t matter too much as you’ll need to get another AIC anyway, but that’s a good point.

Great deal on an excellent motherboard for NAS Killer 5.0

Someone last year posted a similar build to the one below. Is this still sufficient for NAS or are there better options?

Tyan S5512
Xeon E3-1240V V2 3.4Ghz
32 GB Kingston ECC UDIMM
Coolermaster N400
EVGA Bronze 80 500W PSU
Antec P12 120MM fans


Yes, it’s still more than sufficient for most uses. What will you be using it for?

This will primarily be used as a NAS running Unraid. Would like to also possibly run a small VM or 2 but not sure if the hardware will support that with Unraid.

Unraid supports VMs. You’d be hard pressed to find hardware that doesn’t support VMs.

I understand it’s a NAS… what applications do you intend to run? What will your VMs be doing?

Looking to run Home Assistant and a small Linux VM.

You shouldn’t have a problem running any of those programs on that setup.

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Just an FYI for anyone reading this - the Intel C222 and C224 Chipsets do not support Intel integrated graphics, so do not buy a processor with an iGPU like I did and expect it to work.

So with the price of P 2000 dropping, does it worth switching to that on the Unraid server instead of having another PC running around? Specially if I don’t have many users transcoding simultaneously. And if so, how hard is to move the Plex data over (the user data)?

No, a uSFF PC for < $100 is still ideal. Cheaper, more reliable, and overall better.

Thanks JDM but what if that PC is running Win 10 instead of ubuntu