[Guide] NAS Killer 5.0

Can I use non ECC memory with a Xeon processor?

That motherboard and CPU do not support registered memory. Intel reserves that for their Server platforms. This is a “Workstation” platform so it requires Unbuffered memory.

Yes you can use Non-ECC memory with the Xeon.

Hello, everyone. I’ve been scouring this forum for ideas and learning so much. I think I’ve nailed down my build. I am hoping to receive feedback on advice on what parts I am planning on using.

For starters, I am using an old computer I built as the base. Those parts will be as follows:

CPU: i5-4690k

Motherboard: MSI Z97A Gaming ATX

RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16GB (2x8gb)

Here are the parts that I am planning on purchasing. Most of the parts have in some way or another been recommended, at least in the past.

HBA: 9207-8i -h310

SSD - Unraid files and cache: Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe M.2 SSD 1TB

Cache HDD: Toshiba MBF2600RC 600GB 10k rpm SAS drive

Storage: HGST HUH728080AL4200 8TB 7200 RPM 128MB Cache SAS 12Gb/s 3.5in Drive
Four total, one parity

Case: Cooler Master N400

PSU: EVGA 500 W1

Cables: CABLEDECONN Mini SAS 36 SFF-8087 to (4) SFF-8482 Connectors with SATA Power 1m

Case fans: ARCTIC P12, pack of 5

As mentioned under the SSD, I am planning on using Unraid as an OS. Use case is a media server (jellyfin) and personal storage. Is there anything I am missing or any tweaks that might improve the system? Thanks!

What is your locale? Have you considered the NAS Killer 6.0 build?

Hi! I am in California, US. I have thought about it. I was debating between 6.0 ad 5.0 but I figured I might save some money by reusing my parts in a 5.0 build. If the 6.0 is pretty big improvement, I’m not opposed to it.

What is your pricing looking like for the listed parts? It seems like it should be fairly low cost.

Estimated cost is around $525 and that includes the storage. Using my old parts would mean that I would have to buy new parts for my main PC so there is most likely another $300 of parts that could be considered.