BFL 850W Fully Modular PSU - $49.49 + shipping

Sealed unit, brand new - 80+ Gold 850W Fully Modular ATX PSU
These are mining PSUs designed for mining rigs. However, they have never been used and are regular ATX PSUs. They were bought up after BFL went bankrupt.

  • These are OEM by PC Power and Cooling/OCZ ZX series
  • Dual EPS
  • 24 pin ATX
  • 4 6+2 pin PCIe
  • 3 Molex
  • 3 SATA
  • Some info about PSU pinout here

$49.49 OBO, + shipping

2 x PSU for $94.99 OBO, + shipping


Solid deal. I ordered one for an upcoming build myself. They auto-accept a 45 dollar offer. Might even go as low as 40 for the next few.

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Auto declined $40

Does not ship to Canada, my northern brethren.


Picked up 2 at 45 each.

I got 2 for $90. Thanks!

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$87.5 was rejected for the two pack. $90 accepted.

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$31 Shipping seems a bit excessive, but maybe just me

Overall price is still good though. You may find a better deal on two PSUs than the single listing.

considering that on newegg right now they have a 750w and 650w psu for $110+sh, this is a better deal. if you need 650+ watts. thinking about getting one for vfio rig so can upgrade the host gpu and one for a new server(16+ drives)

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what sata cables would be compatible with this? assuming 16+ drives being used without a backplane. prefer not to use molex to sata adapters. i’ve seen the horror photos.

Molex to SATA is not the issue, it’s molded SATA cables that are the issue.

These two examples below are crimped Molex to SATA and are perfectly safe to use.


so something like these is the problem?

That link 404s.

This is what molded look like:

This is what crimped looks like:

hmm. odd. but thanks for the pictures.

if i needed to get replacement cables or extensions is there a company that makes them that would work with this psu or is it more so you get what you get unless you make you’re own cables. i looked on cablemod for cables for ocz but nothing showed up.

A few more popped up here:

I bought two for $90 + $18 shipping. Going to use one on a nas killer 4.1 . Thanks.

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My 2 pack of 850w psus got here today since I live only 25 minutes away.

Both still have a plastic wrap on them.
Interesting, They do have all 6 pcie plugs on the psu side like the 1000w
Only comes with 2 pcie cables each with 2 6+2 connectors each for a total of 4 6+2 connectors.
And 1 molex and 1 sata power cable. each 3 with connectors.
Does have both EPS cables.
All cables except the 24 pin are flat black cables. The 24 pin is multicolored with zipties holding the bunch together.

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Share some pics if you have a minute!


Connectors on the back of the PSU, Note that it has 6 PCIe slots like the 1000W PSUs

Specs for each rail.

You can see inside the fan and see that the inside board is marked as 850w even though it has the distribution of the 1000w

Pretty Standard power input with a nice wide switch. No 120/240v switch so Guessing it’s auto-switching.

Standard power cable, 16awg so a bit nicer than the 18awg ones that come with some units

The 24 pin cable is extremely ugly but I guess works and is just fine for any server. I’ll be trying to see if there’s an easy replacement as the black flat cables are fine but this will stick out if your computer is nice on the inside. Think with the original brand the had a cover on it but guessing it was one of the corners they cut when rebadging the unit.

One of each SATA and Molex cables despite there being 5 spots to hook it up on the PSU so this is spot #2 that they cut corners for the mining unit.

Two EPS/CPU cable both are a split 4+4.

And the two PCIe Cables, Despite there being 6 connectors on the PSU there’s only two included each with dual 6+2 pin connectors. Not sure about sourcing additional cables yet.

For reference these are the cables that come with the OCZ unit. The mining unit is missing 2 PCIe cables( 4 missing if you consider that it has 6 instead of 4 PCIe slots), 3 SATA cables, 2 Molex, as well as the unsleeved 24 pin instead of sleaved.