NK4.1 L4500 Build

Type Part Cost
case Rosewill RSV-L4500 $125
Motherboard S5512WGM2NR-B-CGN 93 $180
CPU Xeon E3-1270v2 Included in 1U
RAM 32GB ECC Included in 1U
PSU BFL 850W Fully Modular PSU $58
CPU Cooler Artic Freezer 33 eSports $27
SSD for unRAID cache Samsung 850 EVO 500gb $0
SATA Cables 1U cables Included in 1U
SATA Power DIY $$$
Case Fans Arctic P12 120mm 5 Pack $27
Case Fans Arctic F8 80mm 5 Pack $27
Unraid Flash Drive Sandisk 32gb $8
Thermal Paste Gelid GC-Extreme $14
Storage WD Easystore 12TB $175
Storage WD Easystore 12TB $189
Storage WD Easystore 12TB $189
Storage Toshiba 5TB $0
Storage Toshiba 5TB $0
Storage WD Blue 500GB $0
Storage WD 3TB $0
Total $1,006

Built a 4.1 back when they were good pricing on ebay. Have had it up and running for a bit, but added another 12TB recently and was a convenient time to clean up the wiring a tad and snap some pictures.

Started out in a N400, but got a great deal on a RSV-L4500 on a local deal from a fellow forum member (Thanks @Blondie ). Moved everything over and haven’t looked back.

Some of the prices could be better, but not bad during COVID times. Price wasn’t as much of a focus as just time and longevity. I opted to make new cables for the ProMiner PSU as the unit comes low on cables and wanted a clean cable run in the case. Buying two helped justify the expense of crimpers, strippers, and wires too, which was considerable :slight_smile:

Overall was a pretty smooth process. Can’t think of getting hung up anywhere along the way. Some of the information out there could use consolidating, but that’s part of the fun of it I guess. Thanks all to those that help to find these deals and post the necessary information to get these old servers back into use. I’m very happy with the outcome and is a much better product compared to a COTS product like a Synology NAS.


How much did the cable building tools cost and where did you get them?

I bought the crimpers and pin extractor for $65 from titan rig. Wire from them as well. I bought the wire strippers EMBLA RA SBC from wirecare for $73 (cheaper options could be sourced). So plus a bulk of wire , it was in the low $200s. PM me if you want more information.

I’ve received a few messages about cables for these PSUs. If I wasn’t so strapped for time I’d pump out a few sets for forum members.