ARCTIC Freezer 33 eSports ONE - GREEN - $24.99

Check heatsink compatibility here:

$24.99 shipped


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Deal is over, back to 29.99, which is stable price since November 2019

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Deal is not over. Just have to look for other buying options. Arctic is selling it. They are out of stock for a couple weeks however.

Just wanted to confirm, this should work for the xeon processors in the 4.1 nk?

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For those pairing this with the SuperMicro X9DRL-iF, you may want to reconsider. You will have to do some modification to the mounting brackets Arctic provides. If you want to face the fans to blow air to the back then the 2 metal mounting brackets are too long and press against the RAM. The brackets have 3 holes at each end to accommodate different socket types. The 2011 uses the middle hole, so I cut each end off at the 3rd hole and then filed down any sharp edges. That gave enough room for the brackets to slide in without touching the RAM. It was still a tight fit as one of the heat pipes touches the RAM on one side. My RAM has heat shields on it, so touching it isn’t causing a problem.

This is not a big issue, you can simply remove the heat spreaders from your DDR3 as they essentially do nothing.

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Would there be a risk of the heatpipe shorting against the chips on the unshielded RAM? That was my concern, so I left the shielding on.

The point of removing the heat spreaders is to reduce the width of the RAM, so it won’t touch. It’ll be close, but it won’t actually touch.

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These are now down to $20 on Amazon, but back-ordered looks like.