Toshiba XD5 M.2 22110 2TB Enterprise NVMe SSD - $124.97

Toshiba XD5 M.2 22110 2TB Enterprise NVMe SSD - $124.97

This drive is 22110 length. Some motherboards support it, some do not. Adapters that support 22110 are linked below.

3.65 PBW endurance

Info on this drive:

NVMe info and adapters:

$124.97 + shipping

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Great Exceptional deal on a high endurance and performance NVMe SSD. Thanks for sharing!


Here’s a good adapter from PCIe x4 to M.2 22110 length for $14.

>>> LINK <<<

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Will this SSD + adapter go well with a HP 290?

Yep, you’ll have to use the x16 slot though.

the info link should be

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This is overkill to put in a 290 for plex metadata, right? Somebody talk me out of doing this.

I have a 30+ TB plex instance with 3000+ movies and many shows all with video and chapter thumbnails and every meta data feature they offer. My plex instance size is about 600 GB and I run it on a 900 GB SSD. I dont see you ever needing 2 TB just for plex but I dont know your library size. That said, this 2TB is almost as cheap as a 1TB so…

It’s overkill unless you’re generating video preview thumbnails.

What wear level are people seeing one the ones they have purchased?
Also is it weird that the chips look rubbed out?

PCIe adapter is not available anymore. Any good alternatives?

Still available.

I really like this one, just keep in mind that only one of the slots works for NVme. The heat-sinks are high quality and the fan is silent.

Stupidly good value. I just used a dell gift card on a ssd otherwise I woulda jumped on this

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Got mine in, reinstalled windows, and ran some benchmarks. One fast boi for sure.



# nvme smart-log /dev/nvme1n1
Smart Log for NVME device:nvme1n1 namespace-id:ffffffff
critical_warning                    : 0
temperature                         : 37 C
available_spare                     : 100%
available_spare_threshold           : 10%
percentage_used                     : 0%
data_units_read                     : 375103
data_units_written                  : 375075
host_read_commands                  : 184524
host_write_commands                 : 207002
controller_busy_time                : 5
power_cycles                        : 4
power_on_hours                      : 5
unsafe_shutdowns                    : 0
media_errors                        : 0
num_err_log_entries                 : 0
Warning Temperature Time            : 0
Critical Composite Temperature Time : 0
Temperature Sensor 1                : 37 C
Thermal Management T1 Trans Count   : 0
Thermal Management T2 Trans Count   : 0
Thermal Management T1 Total Time    : 0
Thermal Management T2 Total Time    : 0

There’s the details from my drive.
5 power on hours. The drive looks, from this data, basically brand new. My chips did look a bit worn though, which was strange. I can’t even begin to guess why that would be.

The wear could be from something as simple as improper storage.

Here are is my test and smart data

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Packaging came with a little bonus. Never saw a SSD packaged with a popsicle stick before .