Seagate SAS Drives not recongized

Great site, from one of the post here, it inspired me to do something similar and make a build.

Before I put all the items in case, I wanted to test all components and make sure things work and
thats when I ran into one issue that I need help with. The Seagate 8TB SAS drive is not being recognized by LSI controller car, but it does recognize the Hitachi 3TB SAS drive. Could the Seagate drives be bad?

Parts Used -
CPU - 2x E5-2689
PSU - EVGA 500W 80PLUS Certified ATX
PSU Cable - Athena Power CABLE-YEPS828 6 in. EPS-12V 8-pin Y-splitter Power Cable
Controller - SAS9211-8I 8PORT Int 6GB Sata+SAS Pcie 2.0
SAS Cable - Internal Mini SAS 36 Pin to 4 x 29 Pin Cord with SATA Power, SFF-8087 to SFF-8482
HD(1) - 8TB SAS 12Gb/s 3.5" 7.2k RPM 256MB 4Kn ST8000NM0065

I have done a bit of research on the subject but I am not an expert on SAS, so if someone with more knowledge would like to correct me, please do so.

My guess is that the problem is because the 8TB Seagate drives use 4K sectors and the SAS Controller you are using does not support 4K sectors. If I am correct, I don’t believe that there is anything that you can do about it, other than to get a new SAS Controller that supports 4K sectors.

You can look at the following post to see which SAS Controllers support 4K sectors.

Sorry I don’t have better news for you, but I do hope that it helps.

The most likely problem with an unrecognized drive on an HBA that recognizes other drives is that the power cable to the ‘bad’ drive has 3.3v on pin5. It’s easy to test and fix: SATA Drive 3.3v Power Cable Mod Tutorial

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SAS2008 controllers do support 4Kn drives, just allegedly won’t boot from them.

Ok, that is good to know. The Recommended SAS2 HBA post I linked above didn’t have 4K sector support listed for the 9211-8i, so I figured that meant there was no compatibility with 4K drives.

SAS2008 controllers do support 4Kn drives

Does that mean all 4K drives would be supported?

Can you clarify what you mean by “just allegedly won’t boot from them”?

Like if you were trying to boot a OS directly off the 4k drive. So if you are using Unraid, for example, that boots off a USB so there is no issue.