OTiS V1 Build Complete w/ Spicey 1U Rackmount Chassis

I built two of these oTiS systems 6 months or so ago to replace my hp290 systems. I wanted to rackmount everything.

This build also uses an iBoss Supermicro Chassis from [Guide] Spice up your rack with these stylish & sexy chassis for your pfSense build! that I painted flat black.

Heres my completed build!

Type Item Price
Chassis iBoss Supermicro CSE-512 Chassis 75
Motherboard ASUS Prime H310M-C 40
Processor Intel G4900T 32.5
Ram G.SKILL Aegis Series 8GB 29
Cpu Cooler Dynatron K2 20
SSD WD SN750 250GB NVME 58
Total 254.5


That is a very nice looking build. Thank you for sharing it.

My one complaint with this post is that I am pretty sure that there is a law that says anytime someone shows a picture of a server rack that they are required to give a summary of what is in it, lol.


Very nice! I like that patch panel too.

Can we get a photo of the rear? (if it’s not too late)

Looking good. How are noise levels?

haha! Fair enough.

From the top down:

  1. Unifi 8-Port POE Switch (60W)
  2. Unifi Cloud Key Gen 2 (Not Shown)
  3. Unifi 24 Port Switch
  4. Cable Matters patch panel painted to match the Unifi Gear
  5. pfSense_WAAAT Build V2 - 1U Rackmount
  6. OTiS V1 Build Complete w/ Spicey 1U Rackmount Chassis
  7. My Daily Driver
    • Dual Boot Windows 10 & Ubuntu Desktop 20.04 LTS
    • Rosewill RSV-R4000
    • AMD Ryzen 3300X
    • Noctua NH-U9S
    • MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk
    • Kingston HyperX Fury 16GB DDR4-3200
    • Samsung 970 EVO 1TB NVME
    • Zotac GeForce GTX 1080 Amp Extreme
    • EVGA 750W 80 + Gold PSU

Not shown and located elsewear due to bandwidth limitations:

  1. My other OTiS V1 Build Complete w/ Spicey 1U Rackmount Chassis running Plex
  2. Anniversary Build 2.0 “SNAFU” serving data to Plex and all other associated automations on Docker on Unraid

@Quank, I’ve added a pic of the rear of the chassis. I designed and printed the motherboard plate.

@JDM_WAAAT, yea it’s not great especially when it’s cold in my basement (where the rack is located). The blower is louder than the whole rack at times. The two iBoss units I bought were pretty old and beat up so that fan probably has a lot of hours on it. I am looking for alternatives and have ordered a few 40mm Sanyo Denki’s to try something similar to my pfSense build. If you have other suggestions for the fan, shoot them my way.

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I’d start by using a Noctua fan controller, it’s what I use on my QualysGuard.

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There’s no shame in color matching patch panels!

Very nice!

Now that you’ve posted your rack. You know about the law right? Let’s hear it!

ha! okay

  • Navepoint 9U hinged rack (open box Amazon)
  • Cyberpower PDU feeding off of a small APC UPS in the back of the rack (Facebook Marketplace)
  • Top panel (Navepoint) is my LAN. I hardwire everything that I can, even if I have to buy a USB-ethernet adapter for a smart TV.
  • Top switch is a Unifi US-16-150, again, dedicated to the LAN. Everything is LACPx2 if it’s to another switch, including the two fiber connections to the bottom switch. Running out of room! (Openbox Microcenter)
  • Bottom panel and switch are dedicated to Unifi Protect. 7 G3 Flex cameras plus the G4 doorbell and one of those $30 ones they just released.
  • Unifi Protect NVR
  • Shelf with a USG and two RPi4 that are running PiHole. Have them set as DNS 1 and DNS 2. If one dies, I’m still good and it’s nice to apply updates and not take the network down.
  • Bottom shelf is a Unifi CloudkeyGen2+ that is running the controller.

I have since punched down that stray black patch cord but haven’t taken a photo!

Not seen: 2 x UAP-IW access points in bedrooms and a UAP-NanoHD in our living room. Also, two US-8 switches near TVs.

Future: Replace PiHoles and USG with pfSense, sell the two 16-port switches and get a 48 port switch and get the rackmount CK thing if I can get a good deal.

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You’re just using the stock SuperMicro 1u power supply right?

Yes sir!