pfSense_WAAAT Build V2 - 1U Rackmount

I am mostly finished my new pfSense unit so I thought I would put together a post. This is based on JDM’s original pfSense build post.

I built this second one because I wanted to go rack mount. I also painted it to match my Unifi gear.

Type Item Price (USD)
Chassis Supermicro CSE-512-260B 90
Motherboard GIGABYTE GA-B75M-D3V 0
Motherboard Intel DQ77MK 61
Processor Intel i5-3470T 20
Ram Corsair Value Ram 4GB 1333Mhz 5
Cpu Cooler Dynatron K2 20
SSD Intel 120 GB SSD 0
PSU Supermicro 260W PSU 0
Nic Intel i340-T4 25
Fans Noctua NF-A4x20 PWM x3 45
Total: 266

This was a pretty enjoyable build. I also took some time to design and 3D print a motherboard backing plate and a fan mount.

The only negative experience was that my first motherboard died a month into service so I had to find a replacement.


Did you remove a blower fan and insert that 3D-Printed fan mount? I have a couple Supermicro 1u units and was thinking about doing a noctua 4-pin volt reducer cables. But 3D printing something like this would be cool.

Got any links to the files?

@Dan_King yep! I ended up doing this because my motherboard choice had a pretty unfortuanate main atx power connection location as you can probably see in the pics. It was right in front of the stock fan!

Here is an OnShape link to the file:

I’ll also put an STL & STEP on Thingiverse. I’ll post a link when its done.

EDIT: Thingiverse Link:

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That’s awesome. Thingverse link is giving me a 404 error though.

Nice! Here’s a good deal on the chassis if anyone is looking:

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Damn that is a way better deal the I paid for mine…


@Dan_King updated the Thingiverse link. Hopefully its fixed. I don’t know what happened there…

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