[Official] WD External Shuckables - Price Tracking

I grabbed two. :+1:

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According to Bitdeals, they will be having 12TB soon… if their current drive pricing is anything to go by, they should be priced much lower than 12TB shuckables.

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I’m trying to decide between shucking some of the 12tb Best Buy drives vs. waiting for a sale from Bitdeals. Noob question, but most of their drives seem to be SAS, and I’m basing my build on a Node 304 with the Intel DQ77KB and planning for SATA. Are you thinking the 12tb models will be SATA?

The 12TB are SAS, if your DQ77KB has an open ended PCIe slot you can just get a SAS HBA


Ok - well, that gives me some crazy options via bitdeals with the purchase of an LSI card - I’ll have to check the board when I get home. Man, I’m super ignorant on SAS drives - so, if I grab a SAS breakout cable to SATA, and use the Intel SATA power cable (specific to the board) that I already have, I’d be set?

Edit: well, I’m still confused after some reading. How do I power these drives from the board?

WD Elements 10TB on Newegg for $159.99 with Coupon
WD Elements 10TB USB 3.0 Desktop Hard Drive Black - Newegg.com

(Sale ends Friday, or Saturday at like 3am EST, not entirely sure about Neweggs timezone)

Elements 14TB $199.99 ($60 off w/ promo code 93XQR26). A lot cheaper than the $279.99 “lowest” price, but still $10 more than Easystore 14tb lowest.

WD 10 tb Elements. 151.99. “Deal of the day” on Amazon.

As I’ve said many times before, I’m not a fan of Newegg but I do know that it helps people in other geographies, Canada to name one. Here’s a 10TB WD Elements drive for $149.99 USD:

One day deal on this! I have had good luck with Newegg, unlike some…mileage may vary.

Looks like Newegg has a 24 hour sale on 14 TB WB Elements for $360.

Lol, that’s ridiculous. I mean, good find, but that’s a $200 drive!

Looks like NewEgg is having a deal on the WD Elements 12TB at $249.99 until 8/7/21.
WD Elements 12TB USB 3.0 Desktop Hard Drive Black - Newegg.com-22-234-406--08052021

Personally I’m holding off until lowest price hits again. Just wanted to give you all a heads up if you’re in dire need.


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Best buy Easystore 14 TB $200 now.

There’s also a 15% in store coupon for storage recycling, if you bring in an old hard drive or USB stick


Question for the drive experts here, what are the tradeoffs between these “white label” drives that come in the Elements / Easystore externals compared to something like WD Red [Plus|Pro]?

For example, if the shuckable drives were the same price as a WD Red Plus, would you still pick the shuckables?

The real tradeoff is the warranty. But you’re extremely unlikely to have an issue.

Most of us have moved on from shucking drives to using refurbished enterprise SAS drives. They are built to a much higher standard, typically.

Here’s an example of some older deals:

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