Rhino Technology Group current deals - 5/9/23

Use code SERVERBUILDS in the offer details.

8TB Seagate SAS 12Gbps 7200RPM - $55 each after best offer

12TB HGST SAS 12Gbps 7200RPM - $90 each after best offer

14TB Seagate SAS 12Gbps 7200RPM - 105 each after best offer


these are pretty good prices.

Does anything exist in euro-land?
That one turned out to be $125 + $230 shipping + tax for me.

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Thread updated.

I’m late to this. The 14tb have T10-PI. Rhino states they won’t work with TrueNas. Will they work with Unraid?

You can simply format the disks with sg_format to remove the protection information.
Relevant info copied from discord:

The disk may have protection information (PI) enabled. For most disks, reformatting will disable it and reclaim space. For the 14TB IBM disks, the firmware will not allow changing back to true-4K sectors, but it is still worth doing a format to disable PI. Single disk format: sg_format --format --early --size=4096 /dev/sdX where sdX is the target device. You can also use /dev/sgY , but be warned that a dual-linked device may have two targets there. Multiple disks: disks=(1 3 5 7); for i in ${disks[@]}; do sg_format --format --size=4096 --early /dev/sg$i; done or disks=(a d f k); for i in ${disks[@]}; do sg_format --format --size=4096 --early /dev/sd$i; done Add a --quick to skip the countdown. The --early flag makes the process run in the background once it is successfully started, and prevents a connection interruption/closure of terminal from halting your format and making the disk temporarily unusable. You can later check progress with sg_requests -p /dev/sdX I managed to interrupt the format even with these instructions and now my drive is not showing up. The Adaptec HBA does not pass-through disks that it cannot properly enumerate, but LSI cards are happy to. You’d need to obtain a more expensive LSI HBA simply to perform the formatting procedure again.


Are there any new deals from this seller? I need to upgrade my RAID and am looking for 12 TB SATA drives. I would be willing swap over to SAS if I can get a deal on the drives and a SAS card.

I Believe they are currently accepting $85 on this 12TB SATA drive: Seagate ST12000NM0127 Exos 12TB 7200RPM SATA 6Gb/s 256MB LFF Drive | eBay

I am seeing a price of $95 for each drive and when I attempted to use code SERVERBUILDS it unfortunately did not take.

It’s not a coupon code, it’s what you send the seller in the offer message?

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You need to use the “Make an Offer” button.

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Seem to be all sold out, any current deals

Browse their eBay store, see if anything appeals to you. We like to target <$10/TB as a good price to buy at.