- re-opening HDD deals

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Bitdeals is back! They are trying to get re-started after their house fire. Things have settled down and are getting back to normal.

Their plan is to release limited quantities of drives, which are in stock and ready to ship. They have much more in inventory, but will keep releasing “waves” of deals like this as product is tested and processed.

SAS drives:

  • US Shipping is free on orders over $25
  • 3TB are minimum quantity 5 to keep price per drive down as low as possible
    • Seagate 3TB drives include free 500GB SATA 3.5" HDD as a bonus Great for unpacking, data ingestion, scratch drive, etc.
  • All of the drives are 512 formatted except for the 6TB, no 4Kn support required.
    Any SAS HBA from this list will work.
Brand Model (specs) Size Price/TB Price (link)
Seagate ST33000650SS 3TB $5.33/TB $16.00
WesternDigital WD3001FYYG 3TB $6.00/TB $18.00
Seagate ST6000NM0014 6TB $8.00/TB $48.00
WD/HGST He8 8TB $10.25/TB $82.00
WD/HGST HC510 10TB $12.50/TB $125.00
WD/HGST HC520 12TB $13.33/TB $160.00

If you have any questions (or just want to know more) about Bitdeals, check out their recent AMA thread.