[Official] Lenovo 8th/9th gen Ideapad Owner's Thread [S145/S320/S330/S340/etc.]


  • Because they are laptops, you get a free battery backup, display, mouse, and keyboard!

[Possible uses]



  • Some models have ethernet, some do not.
  • Some models have M.2 NVMe/SATA support, some do not.
  • Most of these have 1366x768 screens. It’s possible to upgrade them to 1080p.


  • Most of the sales happen on VIP outlet (currently 15% off with code JUMBOSAVE)
  • Lenovo 81MU007NUS S145 (Pentium Gold G5405U)
  • Lenovo S340 (i7-8565u)
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S145 with Pentium Gold G4505U is currently on sale