[Official] Equipment show-off thread

Post your equipment setups and acquisitions below!

Make sure to include make, model and any other important details.

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Heartbreak Amptel

Ever since JDM got me hooked on Tech Ingredients youtube channel ive been geeking out on his “not quite vintage but no longer available for sale” Audiosource Amp 100. Its not super powerful and its not even “audiophile” but what it does is provide super consistent power in a small and fairly attractive (imo) package. Alanman found me this super cool and so far rare version with vu meters, and whats cooler than vu meters? Not much.

All was good on the front! but man was I heartbroken when i saw the back

ouch all over!

thankfully, the shipper had insurance! so they are submitting the claim and hopefully ill either get it replaced (doubtful?) or some money back? Not really sure as i dont have a ton of ebay experience! will report back though.

oh FWIW it sounds pretty good powering my “new” JBL Aquarius IV s109 ill be posting in the speaker thread.

Another soul lost to the vintage gods.

Originally I was going to pick up the Kenwood KA-7100 as I saw it was 60WPC, and of course thinking more was better.

Enter Kenwood KA-5700.

This thing is a beast at 40WPC and boy was I happy after hearing it that I only spent $135. It does have some slight crackling sound on volume turn, which :infinity: PP advised me could be fixed easily. Also unfortunately the bulbs for the VU are dead, so those will eventually need replacing.

I found this gem at a nearby thrift shop that I didn’t even know existed till this week. Thank JDM for expanding my interest… I’m hooked now.

My next find with JDMs help was a Kenwood KT-5500 tuner. Spent 50 on ebay plus shipping.

Didn’t connect an antenna yet and seems to pick up our local stations just fine.

Not too bad, next up is some nice vintage speakers and a turntable and I can believe I belong in the 70s and 80s.


Are those Ikea Lack?

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Rotel RB-1080. This is the best amp I’ve owned, hands down. I picked it up for a cool 500 at TheMusicRoom. 12v trigger and signal sense are not working, but it’s otherwise perfect. It also matches in style to my 1066.



Off brand, has a grooved surface instead of smooth. A bit nicer. Didn’t feel like buying another audio cabinet lol

pp extend

Kenwood KA-5700

This thing is great. My only complaint is that it’s too powerful for my Klipsch Tangent 300, the VU meters barely move, lol.
A less efficient speaker would make them jump as normal.

Outlaw Model 2200 Class A/B Monoblocks

These are so, so great. They are flat, stackable, and heavy. They sound incredible. Managed to pick them up for $500/pair from TMR. (great seller, cannot recommend them enough)

They are the exact width of my SVS PB12-NSD.

And they stack nicely under my TV stand.


This is the Pioneer SA-6700 I received in what looks, and sounds, like mint condition. This was an excellent find by @JDM_WAAAT!


Awesome find. Beautiful condition.

I came to this site to build a server, I ended up buying JDM’s Sony STR-212 receiver. LOL

I just received it the other day, so I wanted to share some photos of my humble vintage setup.

Sony STR-212 receiver (1978)
Wharfdale Modus One (1979)
Technics SL-1200Mk2 (1994)

I think I need to look for a small audio component cabinet to start my vintage collection. :wink: Any recommendations?

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Looks good!

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