[US-TX] AudioSource Amp One

With heavy heart I am selling my beloved AudioSource Amp One (with vu meters!, sort of)

It is in pretty good physical shape with only one non working item, the right channel vu meter. Which I wish I could have repaired, but it is not a common part and would require probably finding a broken amp to remove the meter from. When i opened it up to check, the meter it basically fell apart so I taped the clear plastic bits back together and closed it back up. However the left meter is in fantastic shape, no idea why such a difference.

Nonetheless, the amp sounds exactly as expected and performs exactly as expected. AudioSource are what I and many others would call a “neutral, clean” sound. Snippit from the manual showing specs below.

Only other “damage” besides light scratches and dings will be when i received it the back panel was pushed in. you can see pics from the original show-off thread. As you can see in the below pictures I have repaired it to an acceptable level.

I can confirm all channels are working with the only issue being the right vu meter.

While rare, you can still find them on ebay for $150+ depending on condition.

Asking $100 plus shipping.


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