[Official] DFI DT122-BE 2nd Gen AMD Embedded R-Series Industrial Desktop

Brand new in retail packaging



Processor AMD® Embedded R-Series
Processor AMD RX-427BB
Memory 2 DDR3/DDR3L SODIMM up to 16GB
Expansion 1 PCIe x16
1 Mini PCIe or MSATA
Display 4 DP (up to 4K30)
Storage 2 2.5" or 1 3.5" SATA bay
Features 2 LAN
4 USB 3.0 4 USB 2.0 via header
1 Internal USB 2.0

Recommended Accessories

32GB micro flash drive: https://amzn.to/2K54TqU
40mm fan (chassis): https://amzn.to/2EW3r6c
50mm fan (CPU/GPU): https://amzn.to/2WvyZdK
60GB MSATA: https://amzn.to/2EUCIag
120GB MSATA: https://amzn.to/2WNqeLJ
240GB MSATA: https://amzn.to/2WS1bXD
SATA → 6 pin PCI-E power adapter: https://amzn.to/2WRoZLy
Single slot NVIDIA GT 1030: https://amzn.to/2EXl05U
On the off chance you want Coax Digital / Optical Audio out: https://amzn.to/2Mv8X5U

Possible uses

  • Unraid NAS: internal USB 2.0 for boot drive, MSATA SSD cache drive, 3.5" internal parity drive (or dual 2.5" for unassigned disks), and LSI-9201-16e for 16 bay DAS
  • PFSense box: MSATA SSD for PFSense, Dual NIC onboard (1 WAN, 1 LAN), optional Intel Pro 1000 VT for 4 more NIC
  • Basic Windows Desktop: More than enough power for normal windows stuff.
  • HTPC: It’s surprisingly quiet with the fan upgrade. A single slot GPU like GT1030 or AMD Radeon equivalent allows for seamless 4K playback, even HEVC 10. (tested to confirm working) Onboard Radeon GPU has no problems with 4K H.264, or HEVC 1080. Just need to add a displayport to HDMI cable / adapter.
  • Other possible uses are pending testing


DFI Product page: https://www.dfi.com/product/index/276#overview
Full manual from DFI: https://www.dfi.com/Uploads/DownloadCenter/f2a19d74-d0bd-4fe6-81da-cd89f60ea2b2/DFI-BE170-BE171-BE173-Mini-ITX-Manual.pdf
Servethehome thread: (Update 04-25) DFI DT122 (AMD RX-427BB) Industrial ITX T730-a-like; $99 shipped w/ 8GB | ServeTheHome Forums



Looks clean.

GT 1030 fitted for fun, allows for seamless 4K H.265 / HEVC 10 playback. (Direct play tested up to 108 Mbps via Plex Media Player)

Sticks out the top a little, I bet a dremel will fix it.

3.5" HDD and LSI 9201-16e fitted.

All the components get here this week but the little box that could doesn’t show up until next week. I’ll post pics once i put it together

I’ve got three coming this week. I’ll be fitting in various video cards, will likely 3D print some lids with ventilation or holes for the GPUs.

I’ll let everyone know if this works with eSXI 6.7 u2. When I get the chance; I didn’t see it on the compatibility list.

I have one arriving tomorrow from FedEx and another arriving the next day from UPS. I was only getting one but panicked at the last minute and bought a second before they sold out.

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Don’t feel bad, I panic bought 4 of them


Just a quick FYI to save some people from having to RTFM.

Wanted to setup “auto power on” when plugged in or recover from a power failure.

Not in the BIOS. It’s a jumper, JP15, over between the power connector and front panel connector. Its a tight squeeze, had to remove the connector power and use tweezers.


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Just ordered two of these to transplant two of my DFI builds into… Gonna make some tiny gaming rigs.

I got white A30’s, risers, and PSU covers. Was $170 including shipping to the US.

Thought I would share a problem I had with the DFI Realtek Nic.

I have one of the DFI boxes running pfsense (intel Nic for WAN and Realtek Nic for LAN). I have multiple VLANs and my switch is layer 2 (Ubiquiti US-8-150W) meaning cross VLAN traffic must go up to layer 3 (pfsense). When I would try to saturate the 1Gb/s Nic between VLANs, pfsense would give me “re0: watchdog timeout” errors and the network would completely go down.

This was resolved by simply adding a intel Nic card (i350) and moving all Lan traffic to that. Intel Nic lifer now.

What would happen if you switched the WAN to Realtek and LAN to Intel?

I didn’t test this originally. So I put the Realtek to WAN and the onboard Intel to LAN and tried my file transfers cross VLANs (layer 3). I had no issues. So don’t use the Realtek to manage your LAN.

I’m put the WAN back to the onboard Intel and use the Intel Nic card for LAN. I just don’t trust that Realtek even as the WAN.

Since you swapped the case, were you able to use any different cards or full sized GPU?

Not quite full sized, but yeah a GTX 1060 will fit.

Mine has this setting in the BIOS, fwiw.

Where at?

Out of town for the moment. I’ll report back next week.

I’m assuming this wont boot off an NVMe drive in the 16x slot?