[Official] HP T730 "thin" client Owner's Thread


  • AMD RX-527BB Quad Core APU (2.7GHz base 3.6GHz turbo)
  • Up to 16GB DDR3 SODIMM
  • M.2 SATA/NVME storage (2242)
  • M.2 WiFi optional (2230)
  • Internal USB 3.0 port
  • X16 low profile PCIe riser (x8 electrical)
  • 65W 19V DC PSU



[Possible uses]

  • pfSense router
  • Dedicated NZB unpack box
  • Dedicated Torrent seed box



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For a pfsense build, would you recommend one of these or an HP 290-p0043w? I saw the passmark is a little higher for this machine and both can fit an Intel NIC.

I’d go for the 290 personally.

Well, to be clear, that’s what I did end up doing. Works great on symmetric gig ethernet.

Thanks. Seems like the 290 is cheaper at around $120 on eBay right now.

They often go for 10%-20% off at VIP Outlet on ebay, there’s a 15% off right now. Price shows in checkout.

Figured I would chime in, since you are flaunting my hardware in that video thumbnail.

I have two of these boxes, one is running my current pfSense and the other is kinda an Ubuntu Server Sandbox (I am currently running Home Assistant on this dedicated device).

One thing to note with pfSense and NIC compatibility. I had issues using the VT1000 4 port NIC where pfSense would lock up after about 2 minutes of power on time. @manbearpig2012 and I have both tested using a Intel I340-T2 ($15) with this hardware and it works perfectly fine.

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Since the HP 290s have increased in price, would the HP T730 be the better option for a pfsense box overall? Looking at gigabit WAN and a decent VPN for my use case. LAN is a gigabit switch with two devices on 10G SFP+ if that makes any difference.

T730 is great, but they aren’t much cheaper.

Check out this Optiplex 9020 SFF