[Official] Adaptec ASR series SAS HBA overview

I replaced my Motherboard from an ASUS TUF Gaming Z490-Plus wifi to an MSI z490 gaming edge. My adaptec asr 71605 worked fine on the asus but now on the msi the motherboard doesnt recognize my GPU with the adaptec pluged. Any ideas?

Probably need to tape off the smbus pins on the pcie connector

So just as a personal sanity check, I wasn’t experiencing kernel panics, but I did have various issues with drives dropping offline because of errors. Could that be one of the potential issues you would see?

If so, man. I spent like two weeks and $100 on getting a new card and cables because I initially thought I had burned the first one up somehow. Wish I had noticed this before wasting all that time and money.

Since I’ve switched my pcie slot from 16x to 8x in the BIOS. All my issues are gone. Haven’t had kernel panic in over a month. Didn’t change anything else.


Per this post, it should be fixed. Thanks for the post, you saved me from trashing two perfectly good cards!

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Thank you @JDM_WAAAT for the very informative post on the Adaptec ASR-71605. Can I mix both SAS and SATA III drives when using this controller?

Yes you can


Thank you so much for the incredibly prompt response @stuffwhy. Much appreciated.

I decided to take the plunge and purchase the Adaptec ASR-71605 after having read the great original post by @JDM_WAAAT. I have a question if I may:

My Z820 has a SAS/SATA drive cage that houses four internal 3.5" drive caddies. I will be removing the four SATA/SAS cables from the MOBO (onboard LSI-2308 controller) and plugging them into the port (CN0) of the Adaptec card.


I will be using 2x HGST 8TB SATA and 2x HGST SAS 8TB drives. Is it alright if all four drives are connected to that one port that I mentioned above? Your input and guidance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Peter

Thank you for providing the pics. Was a 4-Pin Male to Female power extension cable necessary?

Yes, each port supports 4 drives with a standard breakout cable.

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Thank you for following up with me @JDM_WAAAT. So, if I understand correctly I can mix both SAS and SATA on the same port then. Have yourself a safe an enjoyable day. Peter

Yes, you can!

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Thank you again. Much appreciated. I purchased the ASR-71605 but haven’t received it yet. It came with both cables and battery backup. I also decided that a cooling fan and a 4-pin extension cable was a wise choice as well. Have a great afternoon / evening.

I used noctura fans and didn’t need an extension, just plugged it into the closest fan header on the MB.

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M3 x 30

Sorry for the late reply, missed it when you posted.

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Thank you so much for chiming in @wrenchbender (Ed) I am installing the ASR-71605 into an HP Z820. I did not want to take a chance so I ordered the extension cable at the same time that I ordered the cooling fan. It was a mere $5 so better be safe than sorry I suppose. I think that fan that I oredered is a ASB0412MA Delta 12V 40mm Fan, 12V 0.08A 4010. Oh, and thank you so much for the screw specs. I wonder if they would have that sort of item at my local Home Depot?

Would you have a link to that fan by any chance Ed. I’d really appreciate it.

No worries Ed. I think that I found the information that I was looking for.


Do you have an idea of how long (ballpark) the the power cable is on the Noctua fan that you have installed @wrenchbender Thank you


It comes with an extension cable if you need one.

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