[Official] Adaptec ASR series SAS HBA overview

I replaced my Motherboard from an ASUS TUF Gaming Z490-Plus wifi to an MSI z490 gaming edge. My adaptec asr 71605 worked fine on the asus but now on the msi the motherboard doesnt recognize my GPU with the adaptec pluged. Any ideas?

Probably need to tape off the smbus pins on the pcie connector

So just as a personal sanity check, I wasn’t experiencing kernel panics, but I did have various issues with drives dropping offline because of errors. Could that be one of the potential issues you would see?

If so, man. I spent like two weeks and $100 on getting a new card and cables because I initially thought I had burned the first one up somehow. Wish I had noticed this before wasting all that time and money.

Since I’ve switched my pcie slot from 16x to 8x in the BIOS. All my issues are gone. Haven’t had kernel panic in over a month. Didn’t change anything else.


Per this post, it should be fixed. Thanks for the post, you saved me from trashing two perfectly good cards!