Noob server build idea 4 - going on number 7

So I was initally going down the NK5 path but I think for more items I’m going down the snafu2 path.

My plan it to replace a current off the shelf NAS, while also doing some light transcoding and still having overheard to deal with a few other side projects latter like video cameras. and finally keeping a VM in place just for a linux distro desktop to have when I want to kick one on.

Case - Existing Lian Li PC 60 case. Going to remove all the fans and replace them all - add in potentially 2 more.
MB: supermicro X9SRA
Proc - E5-2680V2
Ram 64 GB of EEC DDR 3 - brand unknown at the moment
LSI HBA - probably 9201-8 variant.
cables for drives.
cache drive - 2, 1TB 7200 RPM hitachi drives in stripping mode. I might use 4, I have 7 of them figured I’d use them.

OS drive - Crucial 256Gb SSD

4 - hitichi 4TB, 7200 RPM enterprise drives - not NAS drives. Ultrastor line.

EVGA 650W 80+ gold PSU

OS - looking to start by trying out FREENAS Scale. I know it’s in beta but it sounds solid and the base of the software is solid so I think it will work out. If that falls apart I’ll probably try Proxmox or Ubuntu Server next.

Finally last ditch if it all fails I’ll use UNRAID.

Any gaping issues. It seems I can get the MOBO fairly easily and I need an ATX board so this fits the bill. While I know I give up some doing dual processor I don’t think I give up much. If I need more than this I’ll build a transcoding rig separately if that eats up too much.

Since I never seem to pull the trigger. Found a deal for a HP Z420 workstation setup. E5-1650 v2, 16gb of ram, 256gb ssd, - all for 250 ish free shipping.

adding in a lsi card and my expected 4 HD’s and my other SSD (thinking cache drive and OS drives).

Any of you all use one of these.

OK so I got it in hand.
HPZ420 workstation box - E5 2690 CPU, 16gb ram, 256SSD in hand for 248 ish. put a vid card on - booted and I went ahead and put ubuntu 21.04 on just to do so.

works correctly so far. it is a stripped down bios but it works well and has the basics.

Next plan

32gb of more ram if it works out. 4-8gb sticks to keep pairs in play. DDR3 - 2100 seems to be the speed but will double check.

HBA - looking at a new in box LSI 9265-8i branded for Dell. Found a seller with one for 55 dollars not sure on shipping.

Drives - still planning on 4 - 3tb hitachi ultrastors. price is right for a first array.

I don’t see using a ZFS array with less than 4 drives but one never knows

Still planning on TrueNAS Scale for the OS - yes in beta but I want to try it out. I figure with what I read here if all else fails I can fall back on unraid. Also considered using something like Ubuntu Server

anyway 1/2 way there.

ordered a LSI 9265-8i card because it was reasonable price and shipped out of US. for under 50. or at 50.

should be hear soon and I’m assuming here I will have to flash it to IT mode but the firmware I need is a bit of a question. it’s a 2308 based LSI card but I read that I can use the 2208 firmware. HD I haven’t ordered yet but I guess I need to do that.

I put linux on the machine just to validate all the parts right now are working before I start adding and moving things. SO far so good

The 9260 series is based on the SAS2108 chipset, which cannot be flashed to IT mode (or hasn’t yet successfully been flashed to IT mode).

so according to this website and a few other mentions it is possible.

This says it’s a 2208 based card vs the 9260 model. I’ll be the first to admit information on it is spotty but there seems to be some thread of logic that says remove the cache if it has it (shouldn’t) and flash it with the utility. But there is some comments about a buzzer going off but it works right.

If it doesn’t work I’ll post up the result, if it does I’ll do the same.

Ah, I overlooked the 5. You should be just fine then.