Adaptec ASR-7805 SAS2 HBA - $24.74 OBO + shipping

Adaptec ASR-7805 SAS2 HBA

These work in both “IT” (passthrough) and RAID mode.
Normally, these are more expensive, but due to CHIA, COVID, etc… this is the cheapest I’ve seen a 2 port HBA, whether LSI or Adaptec.

Check out the review here:

SFF-8643 → SFF-8643 - link
SFF-8643 → SFF-8087 - link
SFF-8643 → SATA breakout - link
SFF-8643 → SATA/SAS breakout (SFF-8482 w/ SATA power) - link
SFF-8643 → SATA/SAS breakout (SFF-8482 w/ Molex power) - link
SFF-8643 → SFF-8644 - link

$24.74 OBO + shipping

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Alternate links if the first one goes out of stock:

I’m using this and enjoy the Ctrl-A to get to the card’s bios. Had to strap a 40mm fan to it like in the master-post to make sure I don’t get in trouble with the heat fairies.

I run it along with an LSI card on TrueNAS


What are you using to strap the fan onto the sink?

Seller accepted $20 Offer.


Can confirm. I just got $20 accepted as well.


Seller accepted $19.10, but declined $15.

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Noctua 40mm fan with regular screws that fit the threads of the heat sink


Guess the sellers have wised up because all my offers in the $20’s have been declined. Still a good deal at ~$38, but definitely a price increase over what was originally posted.


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Hello…possibly for HW RAID is turns out great. I had a 71605H (the HBA form), and review having a few issues with it when you have in excess of 12 drives associated. at the point when I was looking for a fix, seems like numerous others had a similar issue. I later discovered I had a flaky backplane, so it may have been the backplane, yet I lost trust in the 71605H and moved to LSI based HBA.

The ASA-71605H is a different model controller altogether (and an older one), experiences you’ve had with it are not relevant to this thread.