NK 4.0 build feedback - giantrobot

Hi there,

Noob here but this is a FANTASTIC guide!

Looking to build a NAS for Plex:

Case: Silverstone DS380B; i really like the idea of hotswap bays
Motherboard: Intel DQ77KB
CPU: some i5, maybe i5-2500?
RAM: i have a couple of 4G SODIMMs already
SSD: also have a 256GB SSD, maybe get a second as well?
CPU Cooler: Thermaltake
HDD: some WD RED 10GB and 4GB; eventually some 8TB I will hokey pokey out of my Drobo 8D
PSU: ?
SATA cables

Anything I’m missing?

oh, i see the 6-bay Mini-ITX NAS sample build uses the 19V DC/120W power supply “which should be more that enough to cover 6xHDD + the recommended processor”.

would i be able to power all 8x HDD with that?

In that case, I would probably consider a 150W or 180W to be safe. Let me see if I can do some digging to find a recommendation for those.

hmm i found a couple of 150W ones:

but i couldn’t find any 180W ones; all the ones i found were for specific laptops and i wasn’t sure the plug would fit…