NEW IN BOX - Aruba Instant IAP-207 (US) 802.11n/ac 2x2:2 Dual Radio AP JX955-61 - $55 free shipping

New JX955A HP Aruba Instant IAP-207 AC Access Point

RhinoTech contacted me and offered this special price to our community!

More info here and product sheet here.

If you need a 12V power adapter for these, you can find one at Amazon or on ebay.


$55 free shipping after best offer (use code JDM in offer screen)

Qtys 5+ offers of $50 will be accepted

>>> LINK <<<

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just what I needed to replace my mesh network with real APs, am i correct in thinking the aruba 2500 i have will work out of the box powering these?


I might have to get at least one of these if not two.

Update: just bought one.

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Would this AP support multiple wifi networks on different VLANs? For example an IoT/Guest network that only has internet access and primary wifi network for full access.

I’m not sure, I just got mine in today. Looking forward to doing a write-up on it.

Looks like a good deal but would these be considered over Ubiquiti APs? Just been holding back waiting for the AX line of Unifi stuff.

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For the price, yes!

If you need a 12V power adapter for these, you can find one at Amazon or on ebay.

I did a small write-up on this AP:

In for two!

Check you eBay messages. I had a $25 off for being a member for 20 years. I’m feeling extra old.

JDM_WAAAT, been following your NAS builds for a while now and wanted to say thanks for all the great info.

Ordered 2 of these APs to replace some older SonicPoint NDR units as I’ll be replacing my Sonicwall with a UDM-Pro in the coming weeks as I rebuild my home lab.

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Use pfsense instead of a UDM-Pro!

@JDM_WAAAT So, I got an S2500 when that deal was posted on here and I was getting ready to pull the trigger on some ubiquity AC pro. Do you think these make more sense than the AC Pro?

Just a heads up, the ebay power supply link in the OP is incorrect. It’s got the wrong plug on it. You need the JX990A (not the JX989A listed).

That being said, anyone want to buy a JX989A? :frowning:

Oops, sorry - RT just messaged me about that.

I got in for 3 on these aruba iap-207 today. I decided to go with these instead of ubiquiti. The price seems to be right…

Relisted at $67.94 free ship. I assume they’ll still take $55 with code JDM in the offer?

Yes, they messaged me to say they are still accepting the same offer.