NEW IN BOX - Aruba Instant IAP-207 (US) 802.11n/ac 2x2:2 Dual Radio AP JX955-61 - $46.01 free shipping

New JX955A HP Aruba Instant IAP-207 AC Access Point

RhinoTech contacted me and offered this special price to our community!

More info here and product sheet here.

Previous deal thread here and review here

If you need a 12V power adapter for these, you can find one at Amazon or on ebay.


$46.01 free shipping after best offer

(no code needed, please put in an exact offer of $46.01)

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In for two. Worth a shot for some PoE APs

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To try and get better coverage than my single, 4 year old AC-Lite offers, I’ve been considering 1) moving to a mesh setup or 2) adding an additional AC-Lite. These Aruba AP are a great price and I could get 2 of them for not much more than a single new AC-Lite (won’t mix Aruba/UBNT, I found a bunch of comments on issues in that scenario). @JDM_WAAAT I read your write up. Can you offer a more direct comparison to the AC-Lite? Or a comment on moving to the Arubas?

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These are 2x2 802.11ac APs, and AC-Lites are 2x2 802.11ac APs. The theoretical maximum throughput is identical.

I did some more research and these appear to be actually self managed (I don’t have run a dedicated management app/tool somewhere). Found a couple mentions about still being accessible even when the external WAN/ISP was down. In for 2. Hopefully, I’ll be selling an AC-Lite soon.

They are in fact self-managed, as covered in the review!

I was looking for information on a specific scenario - that they can be managed without an internet connection. Thanks for the assistance!

edit: clarity

Yes, they do - and FWIW, Unbiquiti APs do as well.
Most of us run the Unifi controller in a docker container, but even if you lose internet access, your APs will continue to work.

edit: I’ll go one step farther, I’m not aware of an accesspoint that stops working with no internet.

I guess I set up mine up incorrectly then. The management software uses my UBNT website account for login. I was unable to login to check on the AP when our internet was down (was trying to trouble shoot connection issue inside the house).

For the record - in addition to not requiring a constant connection to a controller, Unifi APs can also be easily configured without any controller via the mobile app (which can also be used later to manage them on an as-needed basis).

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Also, if you don’t use UBNT’s cloud, can’t you sign in locally without internet?

Yes, if you set it up with a local account initially it’s independent of internet connection - though they do push the “Ubiquiti Account” auth on people in the initial controller configuration.

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When I set up the software, nothing in the guide I was using mentioned anything other than creating a Ubiquiti account.

Welp, that guide was dogshit

UAP-AC-LITE Quick Start Guide (

but also

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Yeah, my hard copy doesn’t have that little blurb.

but also

I followed the instructions that came in the box. Ran into a problem. Tried to fix it. I have since discovered that I have to start over to fix it and buy 2nd access point. The Aruba units present an attractive alternative option. It appears now that regardless of which I choose, I no longer am required to run the UniFi controller. I’m not a network guy, so the odds on me running across this piece of info were slim. If this was as available in 2017 (when I set them up) as it is now, I wouldn’t be adding this comment.