New HP G4900 & DS380B Build - Help

I am going for something like this setup:

What are my current needs:

  • NAS, of course.
  • Running the PLEX plug-in, and the media storage that goes with that
  • Samba target for all the Windows machines in the house for Win10 File History.
  • Time Machine backup for all my Apple products.
  • virtualized Pi-Hole for my network
  • a Unifi Controller host via plug-in
  • an Ubuntu desktop VM
  • Transmission, Radarr, Sonarr, Lidarr, Librarian

I bought these parts I’ve ordered and paid for.

Main Server

Type Brand Part Notes Price
Desktop HP 290-p0043w G4900 148.21
CPU Pending
CPU Cooler Arctic Alpine 12 LP 9.99
Thermal Paste GELID GC-Extreme 3.5g Paste for Heatsink 13.95
RAM A-Tech 32GB Kit (2x16GB) 116.50
NVMe ADATA XPG SX8200 1TB 109.99
Screws SGTKJSJS M.2 Screw Kit Mounting Kit 5.39
SAS HBA LSI 9207-8e 70.92
HDMI Dummy Plug DTECH 10.98
SATA Cable Inateck X2 SATA Power Cables & x2 Data Cables 7.99


Type Brand Part Notes Price
Case SilverStone DS380B 279.00
Case Fans Arctic P12 PWM PST x3 12.98
Mini SAS26P CableDeconn SFF8088-8088 1M External 8088 to 8088 cables 16.99
SAS HBA Fan Noctua NF-A4x20 FLX 40x20mm 14.95
I/O Shield SuperMicro I/O Shield 7.59

This is what I think I am missing and have in my eBay / Amazon shopping cart

Type Brand Part Notes Price
PSU EVGA 100-BR-0450-K1 80+ BRONZE 450W for DAS 83.16
CPU Intel i7-9700 279.99
SAS Cable CableCreation 2xSFF-8087 breakout 14.99
Dual Mini SAS CableDeconn SFF-8087 TO SFF-8088 25.99
SSD Western Digital WDS500G2B0A X2 500GB raid 0 for HP 290-p0043w 53.99

What I could use help with

I could use help with the hard drives on the DAS. Does the backplate support SAS Drives? They seem the cheapest on eBay.

I have my eye on the i9700. I saw some people say they are using it in the HP. Will my fan support it?

In the build I did the backplane of the ds380b does not pass the 3.3v connections to the drives so there’s no need for the fix to have the drives power on correctly. Most backplanes ignore the 3.3v so should be a non issue.

Having said that I’m glad my build inspired you. Good luck. Looking forward to see what you come up with

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Think you can help me out and give some links on what I am missing, mate?

Some people would say this:

While this is 100% true, but I also want something I can have running redis, mysql, server… just to have that running not on my laptop.

I like the “small form factor” of having these two… side by side. with the spinning disks in another case.

Are you using unraid?

For the hard drives, I notice the sas drives are pretty cheap on ebay.

If you look at my post you linked/quoted again you’ll see I’m more or less running multiple things on mine in LXD containers perfectly fine after the upgrade to the i5-9400. And that I’m using Ubuntu 20.04 with ZFS RAIDZ2 setup on the 8 SATA HDD’s I shucked. You could totally use Unraid or TrueNAS Scale (I dont recommend Core version if you want to use docker or LXD) or even OMV with Snapraid+MergerFS.

The only thing I can see is you’ll either want a pair of 8087 to Forward SATA break out cables like these or if you intend on using SAS drives you’ll need an pair of 8087 to whatever is appropriate for the SAS drives. You’ll also want a pair of the external 8088 to 8088 cables

This is also not right for the case fans. I used one of those to add a fan to the SAS HBA to prevent thermal throttling. For the DS380B case fans if you want to change them out from the stock ones I used these

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My post you quoted is definitely not discouraging multitasking, simply telling someone not to buy two separate components of similar capability for one function.

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Ah, Ok. This build started out as an unraid - and now I’m waiting for refunds from Amazon to just buy the right hardware for me.

I’m just really studying and re-reading every post.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you. haha. So I was researching about XLDs and came to the mental model that they are similar to jails.

Question about the 2x Samsung 860… Are you running those in the HP or DS380B?

those are running in the HP290 from its onboard SATA connections. I had to use a SATA to SATA Y power cable since there’s only 1 full sized SATA power connection in the HP290

And yes LXD is somewhat comparable to jails with much less fuss and a bit more functional capabilities. Though you’ll find a lot more docker resources if your more familiar with it.

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What PSU did you buy? I got the EVGA 450 ( ) but it seems it doesn’t fit.

Also does the high profile LSI SAS 9207-8e H3-25427-02G 8-Port 6GBps SAS/SATA PCIe3 x8 HBA High Profile | eBay LSI 9207 8e work for the HP?

The ds380b takes an sfx psu. I used a 450w fully modular from EVGA.

The hp290 needs a low profile card.

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Awesome I bought it. Things are starting to arrive while I’ve returned some things that didn’t work… or wouldn’t work. So Im just waiting on refunds to process.

I’ll definitely keep this thread up to date on my process. I have my eye on the i7-9700 ( non k version ) but I’m wondering about heat.

Did you do anything special for the x2 SSDs you have there to mount them in the HP?

Nope. I just tucked them in above the DVD drive that’s not connected

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I have most of the components, just waiting on a few refunds and I’m buying the last few.

I made my last purchase; for all of the components… and I’m just waiting for them to arrive. Next; hard drives.

From the PSU what did you use to power the fans in the DS380B? I’m putting it all together now.

There’s fan headers on the back plane in the drive cage. I actually used a jbod control board to hook the power and reset buttons and power led up and it had fan headers that I used instead. since it also has a buzzer that will sound if it detects 0 rpm from a fan

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Thanks so I ordered this:

where did you mount it? If I knew about this earlier I would save a trip crossing an international border haha. I’m not even able to get the I/O Shield from SuperMicro to get in… I guess with tape?

Thanks so much for your help.


Yeah you could use velcro or double sided tape. I actually used one of the motherboard stand offs. So mine is free floating and held to a single stand off by a screw. The tape or velcro is a better choice