ISO RAID Controller Card

I’m looking for a quality raid controller that doesn’t break the bank if possible…

Use case and requirements:
Unraid or Proxmox file server + virtualization
Low Profile bracket


Unraid does not use hardware RAID. You need something like this:

They can be had for $12.

Thanks for the reply!

Before I saw this post, I bought this card along with this cable.

LSI MegaRAID SATA / SAS 9260-4i 6Gb/s PCI-Express 2.0 w/ 512MB Onboard Memory RAID Controller Card, Single–Avago Technologies

Internal Mini SAS to SATA Cable 3.3 Feet (SFF-8087 to SATA Forward Breakout)

After you posted, I also bought this card. ADAPTEC ASR-7805 Single 6gb/s 8int Port SAS/SATA Raid Controller With Cache

Will either of these work with Unraid or Proxmox?

Are you trying to say that Unraid uses software raid and the controller card needs to support IT mode?

If so, do both of the cards I purchased support IT mode?

Would this eliminate the need for the card altogether if I have the available SATA ports on my motherboard?

Unraid uses software raid, and yes would need a card that supports IT mode.

I believe the LSI 9260 doesn’t support IT, but the Adaptec card will. The adaptec card uses a different connector on the card (SFF-8643) however so would need a different cable than the one you purchased. Generally breakouts to SFF-8482 get recommended here as they are usable with enterprise SAS and Sata drives.

Cable link - Here

Also correct with Unraid you could just connect drives to available sata ports on your motherboard, works just the same. Adaptec card will be good to add drives beyond available sata ports though

Awesome, thanks!

I had already cancelled the order for the LSI 9260 and received the Adaptec card to find the cables were different. I’ve ordered the SFF-8463 breakout to SATA cable. It should do fine for this build with only SATA drives. I’ll get the SFF-8462 next time. :smiley: