Adaptec ASR-7805 SAS2 HBA - $12.00 OBO + free shipping

Adaptec ASR-7805 SAS2 HBA

  • Longtime lurker who has taken considerably more than I have contributed over the years. I just found this deal and figured I would give back to the community. I picked one up to roll an NK5 from an Asus H97 system that was just pulled from desktop duty.

$10.00 + free shipping

>>> LINK <<<

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This is a great deal!

Damnn! Anyone wanna ship this to Canada? :grimacing:

Is this IT mode? Listing doesn’t say.

The adaptecs are switchable without reflashing.


Added some more links. For those that need cables, check this post:


Below are some cable options in various configurations.


SFF-8643 → SFF-8643 - link
SFF-8643 → SFF-8087 - link
SFF-8643 → SATA breakout - link
SFF-8643 → SATA/SAS breakout (SFF-8482 w/ SATA power) - link
SFF-8643 → SATA/SAS breakout (SFF-8482 w/ Molex power) - link
SFF-8643 → SFF-8644 - link

Cards are now as low as $10 with free shipping.