[Guide] Remote Gaming on Unraid

Welp, looks like the solution was simply time… I left the VM running for a few hours, and I guess Windows just automatically downloaded the required drivers.

Thank you so much for this amazing guide and your ongoing support


Hey @JDM_WAAAT - Thank you very much for this guide.
Highly appreciate.

But can you give me a short feedback if the following points are still necessary / increase the performance/stability?

  • 8.5 - Editing the vm in XML mode regarding and /
  • 13 - Re-enable hyper-V

I just ask in case something has change this your initial post from April 20.
Because - for example - there is now a better/easier way to passthrough the GPU instead of editing syslinux.cfg :wink:

Thanks in advance.

Sorry - but I cant edit my post above @JDM_WAAAT
Here’s another example. As you can see, there is (maybe since 6.9 or 6.10) a simple option for Hyper-V.
Is this enough or should I use your replacement-code above instead?

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Hey JDM,
you wrote a fabulous guide. I’ve followed every step, did every configuration, and now I’ve got me own cloud gaming server. Marvelous! Many thanks. But please do an update of the new method to pass through a GPU. That’s so convenient, but also I’ve had some struggle with it. I’ve forgotten to bind the GPU under the system device settings. Ups…curse you f** D3 error.
But now everything works like a charm.

Performencewise, would it be a great opportunity to revisit this section to look up for new options.

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Could you please explain why devices related to P2000 10de:1c30 & 10de:10f1 weren’t included in the syslinux.cfg vfio-pci.ids=?

Awesome guide, but I’ve hit a wall.
I’m on unRAID 6.11.5, and some things seem to have changed.
When I run through the guide, following it as best as I can, when I launch the VM, it just ignores the GPU completely. I don’t seem to be getting any passthrough at all. I can access it via RDP just fine, but device manager doesn’t show any nvidia devices. I have a GT710 installed, BTW.
Here’s my XML, do you see any issues?