ASUS Z9PR D12 not booting

I have 2 of these boards and can not get them to fire up.
Do they require a special PSU or any PSU with 2 EPS plugs?

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They need both EPS plugged in to boot dual CPUs…

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Both fans start, the power led comes on, the board management controller blinks, the mouse powers up, nothing on the keyboard and no monitor action. No other lLEDs light up and no speaker beeps. I am not sure there is any life in these boards!

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Are you using a VGA monitor?

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I am using the onboard vga and have it pinned accordingly. Because I do not get a keyboard or monitor response I suspect the power management must be failing but I do not get any failure beeps. I have reduced the memory to 4 chips. My next step is to only power 1 cpu and use 1 stick of ram. Any other suggestions?

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Even with 1 cpu, 1 stick of ram and a new ps2 keyboard…nothing

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Can you share some pics of your setup?

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I tried some different RAM and he board fired up. I need to find out more details on the board’s RAM preferences for various speed CPUs

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Once the board is running it will be transplanted into a Lenovo D20 case. Until then it lives on a cafeteria tray.

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I bought this board. A couple of things I ran into:

  1. Both EPS were required for it to post properly even if only using one CPU

  2. I found the board to be very picky wrt RAM. In general, out of all the DIMMs I threw at it, it seems to want PC3L as opposed to PC3. If I hadn’t figured this out, I actually might have given up on the board because it seemed dead until I found the right combination of DIMMs. Troubleshooting compatibility is particularly painful as the board takes aeons to POST even by server board standards.

I’m sure this info is too late to help the OP but perhaps worth it for anyone else who buys this board. Ultimately, a decent board but with it’s sensitivity to RAM, I wouldn’t buy another.

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google translation
I have the same problem with two users. After the restart, the board will not boot.
They are 7-8 years old. year and the problem occurred on both boards after the restart for upgrades. The failure rate is about a month.
Before that, they had been online for several months.
Bought one from ebay for the first user “ASUS Motherboard Z9PR-D12 Socket 2011 w / 2 x Xeon E5-2620 CPU / 1U heatsink” and it immediately worked with new processors and old components. It didn’t work with old processors.
When the other one broke down, he tried to run the first broken one and it worked with the bugs. It will not push on the power on button, it does not reset and restart through the OS.
Just power on-off two - three times until it starts. Power supply is not a problem, new seasonic 1300W.

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Hello fellow Googlers: for anyone who recently bought one of these boards from an eBay seller offloading 100+ of them, I had some trouble getting my board to post so here are my tips to get it running.

  1. As mentioned in previous posts, you’ll need a PSU with 2 CPU cables and both need to be plugged into the mobo, even if you’re only using 1 CPU. I’m using an EVGA 750W G5, but other models that would work are 750W+ G3, GQ, G+, even BQ if you want to go cheap.

  2. Consult the manual and make sure your RAM is installed in the proper DIMs based on the # of CPUs you’re using (Page 34 and 35). Page 56 shows the location of the front panel pins so you can test the board with a simple power switch.

  3. Don’t assume the most recent BIOS is installed. You could have assembled everything correctly and still not get any display output. My problem stemmed from the fact that I was trying to use 26xx v2 series processors and newer Chinese DDR3 ECC RAM. The board would turn on but there was no display on the monitor. To confuse matters further all the board LEDs indicated things should be A-ok.

In my case, getting the newest BIOS on the board was a multi-step process. I had to purchase an older e5 2620 processor that was validated in the original BIOS version 0301, full list here. Since I wasn’t sure if RAM could also be a factor, as was the case for another poster, I also purchased older Hynix 1333mhz 4gb sticks that would have been around when the board was first released. Cost was an additional $25 for the CPU and RAM just to troubleshoot.

Anyway, after installing the older parts and waiting for the super long 1 minute boot sequence I finally got display on my monitor. Then when I tried to update the BIOS, the EZ flash software didn’t see my CAP file. This was the final hurdle, as if your board has really old BIOS, you will have to do 2 incremental BIOS updates. The first version you want is BIOS 3107. This is when ASUS switched from .ROM BIOS update files to .CAP BIOS update files. After 3107 is installed you can install the latest BIOS version 6002.

Once BIOS 6002 is installed everything else should be smooth sailing (unless the board still doesn’t like your RAM). Hopefully this helps a few confused server noobs, cheers!

@Nick_Danzinger I Recently got this board. I have it in a Supermicro case with dual PSU… I was able to get the bios up to latest… I have 12 x 8GB PC3 12800R and 12 x 16GB PC3L 1600R sticks. But I cant get it to see boot with more then 4 … I do have the manual and have been very careful on following the dimm order. Also the CPU’s i have are 2 x E5-2665 0 2.40Ghz

I’ve actually been waiting on 8x 16gb sticks for a few weeks now so when I’m able to test more than 4 RAM slots I will let you know. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer… The human malware problem is delaying shipments all over the place.

ive moved around the order of the ram in the correct dimm slots and it works so i dont think its the ram … lol got he board from recycler for free so cant really rule out the board being bad but i would think it if wasnt going to work it just wouldnt work… dont think any bios setting would be limiting the slow usage?

I’ve got this board on the way. What RAM did you end up with and did it boot fine with 8?

Maybe I’m not looking at the right thing but the recommended RAM for the board is limited to 8GB per dimm. Did you have any issues with 16gb?

I supplement them with Samsung DDR3-RAM 8GB PC3-14900R ECC 1R - M393B1G70QH0-CMA

In the end I did run into some problems. I was planning on using 8x 16gb 1866mhz sticks. They were supposed to be the same model but since it was cheap chinese stuff you never know.

Initially my build had 4x 16gb sticks which worked fine and I had no issues, so I thought hey why not order 4 more? When the next set arrived, I plopped them in and my machine would start but it became highly unstable. Lots of BSODs and crashing and nerd rage followed.

Paradoxically, when I used 4x 16gb sticks and 4x 8gb sticks, everything worked smoothly as long as I forced 1600mhz in the BIOS. Trying to force 1866mhz with this combo of 4x 8gb and 4x 16gb would cause the same instability as going all 16gb.

Thank goodness DDR3 ECC ram is so dang cheap as I had multiple dimms to swap around and troubleshoot. In the end one of my Z9PR-D12s has dual 12 cores and 96gb RAM with 8 sticks while the other has dual 8 cores and 64gb RAM from 4 sticks. Both are running 24/7 now without problems but it was certainly a painus in the anus to get them going.

Edit: So in summary, in your case I would try out 8gb sticks in the first 4 slots, then possibly higher capacity in the additional slots? Manually overriding the ram speed in BIOS is another idea, but start low to confirm stability before trying to force the higher ram speeds.

I used a 550w atx power supply with 24 + 8 pins connected to a dual 8 pin plugs adapter and it is working fine with two E5 2620 at 100% load , 12Gb ram (6x2G Micron ddr3 1600 desktop ram that did not work in other machines) It worked so well that I decided to upgrade to faster cpu’s with more cores so I got two E5 2650 V2 .

I put them in , screwed on the big coolers and powered it up . The fans came on , the nic blinked but no video and no post . To me it looks like the V2 CPUs have an issue with the desktop ram that I am using although the first version CPU’s worked great and they still do
after switching back to them . I did not have other ram to try . The Z9 is a great motherboard with a ton of pcie and cpu upgrade ability at a very reasonable price , the ram-cpu compatibility issue is common in server boards .

Maybe other members can chime in about what worked for them .

It might need a BIOS update for V2 CPU support.

Pick up one of these just to update the BIOS