ASUS Z9PR D12 not booting

I have 2 of these boards and can not get them to fire up.
Do they require a special PSU or any PSU with 2 EPS plugs?

They need both EPS plugged in to boot dual CPUs…

Both fans start, the power led comes on, the board management controller blinks, the mouse powers up, nothing on the keyboard and no monitor action. No other lLEDs light up and no speaker beeps. I am not sure there is any life in these boards!

Are you using a VGA monitor?

I am using the onboard vga and have it pinned accordingly. Because I do not get a keyboard or monitor response I suspect the power management must be failing but I do not get any failure beeps. I have reduced the memory to 4 chips. My next step is to only power 1 cpu and use 1 stick of ram. Any other suggestions?

Even with 1 cpu, 1 stick of ram and a new ps2 keyboard…nothing

Can you share some pics of your setup?

I tried some different RAM and he board fired up. I need to find out more details on the board’s RAM preferences for various speed CPUs

Once the board is running it will be transplanted into a Lenovo D20 case. Until then it lives on a cafeteria tray.