ASUS Z9PR D12 not booting

I have 2 of these boards and can not get them to fire up.
Do they require a special PSU or any PSU with 2 EPS plugs?

They need both EPS plugged in to boot dual CPUs…

Both fans start, the power led comes on, the board management controller blinks, the mouse powers up, nothing on the keyboard and no monitor action. No other lLEDs light up and no speaker beeps. I am not sure there is any life in these boards!

Are you using a VGA monitor?

I am using the onboard vga and have it pinned accordingly. Because I do not get a keyboard or monitor response I suspect the power management must be failing but I do not get any failure beeps. I have reduced the memory to 4 chips. My next step is to only power 1 cpu and use 1 stick of ram. Any other suggestions?

Even with 1 cpu, 1 stick of ram and a new ps2 keyboard…nothing

Can you share some pics of your setup?

I tried some different RAM and he board fired up. I need to find out more details on the board’s RAM preferences for various speed CPUs

Once the board is running it will be transplanted into a Lenovo D20 case. Until then it lives on a cafeteria tray.

I bought this board. A couple of things I ran into:

  1. Both EPS were required for it to post properly even if only using one CPU

  2. I found the board to be very picky wrt RAM. In general, out of all the DIMMs I threw at it, it seems to want PC3L as opposed to PC3. If I hadn’t figured this out, I actually might have given up on the board because it seemed dead until I found the right combination of DIMMs. Troubleshooting compatibility is particularly painful as the board takes aeons to POST even by server board standards.

I’m sure this info is too late to help the OP but perhaps worth it for anyone else who buys this board. Ultimately, a decent board but with it’s sensitivity to RAM, I wouldn’t buy another.

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I have the same problem with two users. After the restart, the board will not boot.
They are 7-8 years old. year and the problem occurred on both boards after the restart for upgrades. The failure rate is about a month.
Before that, they had been online for several months.
Bought one from ebay for the first user “ASUS Motherboard Z9PR-D12 Socket 2011 w / 2 x Xeon E5-2620 CPU / 1U heatsink” and it immediately worked with new processors and old components. It didn’t work with old processors.
When the other one broke down, he tried to run the first broken one and it worked with the bugs. It will not push on the power on button, it does not reset and restart through the OS.
Just power on-off two - three times until it starts. Power supply is not a problem, new seasonic 1300W.