Anniversary 2.0 Combo (X9DRL-iF + 2x E5-2650v2) Build


  • 16C/32T @ 2.6Ghz (2 x E5-2650v2)
  • X9DRL-iF Motherboard
  • 32GB RAM (Originally came with 16GB, but had an extra 16GB laying around)

Build details

Here’s the link to the bundle page: Anniversary 2.0 Combo: Supermicro X9DRL-iF + 2x E5-2650v2

I purchased one of those sweet mobo + processor + RAM bundles off ebay and got it all installed.

The first combo came with 2U fans and heatsinks, but were side-mounted and really loud. Unfortunately the seller broke two memory slot clips. They were happy to RMA the broken motherboard combo and was shipped to me quickly. Thankfully I got the better/quieter fans. Here’s some build photos:

Bench Power-up:

Motherboard Standoff Measurements 1 of 2:

Motherboard Standoff Measurements 2 of 2:

Mounted up:

Mounted up (closer):

All set and ready to use!

I have another server with these exact same processors, and they scream! This was a fantastic deal that couldn’t be passed! All the firmware + IPMI was fully upgraded on arrival, which was nice.

I’ll probably use this as a Proxmox VE server or Unraid, have not decided yet. I built another 2.0 system that can be found here: Anniversary SNAFU 2.0 Example Build (Virtualization)

Thanks again!