Wanting to build a tiny NAS (Node 304). Questions about PSU, case options

Currently I have a NK1.0 in Cooler Master CMP-350 case and with Xeon X3470. It’s a beast compared to what I use it for - just unraid storage. No containers, no VMs. So my needs are very small.

I also realize that I’ll never need more than my current HDD capacity - 6 bays (3.5"). So I’m looking to downsize.

The CMP-350 is a ~33 liter case. So I’m shooting for something half that size. Node 304 comes in at ~19L, so close enough. I haven’t really been able to find any other case that that’s small, but still has room for 5-6 HDDs.

Then I found this build which seems pretty decent for me: [BUILD] Node 304 "el noderino" SFF Poverty Build

Here are the parts I’m thinking of buying:

I already have drives and SATA cables. The case comes with fans.

So now my questions:

  1. How good is this for unraid? Will it just work?
  2. Are there any other cases <19L with 5-6 HDD bays I should look at (budget <$150)?
  3. I don’t think I’ll need >350W PSU (maybe even $300?). I don’t game so there’s not going to be a GPU. What’s a good inexpensive PSU I can use instead?

In all, I think this build should not exceed $250 with OBO or better deals I can find.

It’s all in what you want to accomplish and with this setup…you won’t really be capable of unleashing the full potential of Unraid. That’s a 3rd generation Intel setup…it’s pretty old. As a basic setup/file server it should do fine. If you want to get into running dockers/vm’s…you need to look for something with more cores/threads and preferably newer generation.

Why not just find a newer prebuilt sff and add a LSI card that goes external…and build a DAS.

I’m ok with no doing anything more with unraid. I have a separate beefier app server that runs all my containers. This NAS is just for storage.

I haven’t looked at DAS option. But I suspect SFF+DAS would still end up being larger than 304, no?

I know Hp290 is a popular one here. Are there any builds you can link me to?

Yes if your goal is downsizing then I suppose you’ll need to build your own in a small case. This probably blows your budget but i thought something like this at one time and ended up not going in this direction.

This lacks a x16 pci-e

This is older but has a couple of expansion slots and claims to be itx


I might would lean this way if a micro-atx fits that node 304

The second one is mATX. mITX doesn’t allow for 3 PCIe slots.

yeah I wondered about that and typed in the questions where someone asked and was told it fits. I don’t see it happening.