[US-TX] Orion / Ciara 1U / 2U Chassis

Never ended up using these chassis from my post here CiaraTech/Orion 1U / 2U

100% untested/unused other than me taking the covers off to check them out. Bought from TechyParts on Ebay which is pretty reputable.

$150 for 1U +shipping
$150 for 2U +shipping (can include a 2U 2x80MM water cooler that fits the front brackets for $40 more) same one i used to cool a 9600K in a 2u chassis and runs perfect.

WIll consider any offers on price.

Boxes are both 32x22x5.5
2U is 38lbs including packaging (add about a pound for the cooler)
1U is 27lbs including packaging

First one is the 1U HF-310-g3

Second is the 2U HF320-G3LP

Cooler that fits inside the 2u

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