CiaraTech/Orion 1U / 2U

So after buying a few of those 1u/2u water cooler AIO i was curious where they were coming from. Reached out to Techy Parts who i had bought some from and turns it out they came from ORION / CiaraTech “low latency trading servers” whatever that is.

So a few more ebay messages later I learned they had a few for sale and I did a thing.

(two boxes like this showed up, one is already open to the right)

First up is the 1u Orion HF-310-g3-i76950x (wish it has the latter part of that model number still in the box) packaged quite well

These things are pretty cool, with lots of ASUS bits, i beleive this one originally had the x99, but i see references to x79 when i look up manuals and other details online.

no need to cut anything if you want to just shove a board in here without an IO plate.

even has a weird little CoolIT Leak Detection Sensor since these were originally sporting a 1u AIO cooler

Here is the 2u, Orion HF320-G3LP-I75960 I dont think its as cool, but it might be more useful. The seller said it would only work with the couple baords listed, and im not sure if that was a physical limitation or something with the PDB from Asus.

Here you can see where the 2U dual 80MM rad would fit