[US-TX] i9 7980XE + X299 WS/IPMI

Selling great condition cpu + motherboard setup.

Intel i9-7980XE
Asrock Rack X299 WS/IPMI

Board specs here: ASRock Rack > X299 WS/IPMI

Asking $750, I’ll pay for shipping. US only.


Replied. Sorry for the delay.

Price reduced to $750.


Sold earlier and I forgot to take down, sorry. Thanks for the offer!

Calling FedEx now to see whats up. Id prefer you ask before claiming scam. I’ve done quite a few transactions here. Give me a few minutes to see what’s going on.


PM’d you with details.

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Sorry about that.

It looks like they delivered it to a FedEx center here in my city. I’ll stop by there later when I can and see if they have it or if it was forwarded on. If they have it I’ll go ahead and send you a refund.

Also please delete your erroneous message calling me a scammer before asking what was going on.



Just got my package after one week late shipping. I no longer need this comb because already built another one. @wormy Are you still interested in this?

Yes I’m still interested. PM me.

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