[US-VA] i9 7980XE X299 WS/IPMI

The item arrived very late (after a week) and I don’t need it. The package is never opened. The seller does not accept my return. So I have to repost.

The original post can be found here, anything should be there:

I believe there are two sticks of 8G ram inside the package. @Abysmal can confirm that.

Asking 800 total.

Please attach photos with time stamps proving you have the item for sale, even if you need to open the box to do so.


Correction, it arrived 4 days late, not over a week, because of a FedEx misshap. I don’t accept refunds since I am not a retailer. In the future please be sure you want something, especially of this caliber, before you purchase it.


@taoj17v I have PMed you.

Second and final reminder - add your own pictures of the entire bundle with time stamps and your username to the first post, or the entire thread will be deleted. I’ll give you until 10pm central time today, roughly 9 hours from the time of this post, to add pics.


Doesn’t sound fair to bag on the original seller because of a shipping delay. It’s really par for the course.

Sounds rather Karen-y to be whining about a return too. Be reasonable. You committed to buying something. If you have buyers remorse you are welcome to resell it but don’t shit on others in the community over it.

Good luck with sales. They’re really cool and special pieces of hardware imo.

Ok time’s up, I’m closing this thread. @wormy if you choose to proceed with this transaction you do so at your own risk.