Time to Upgrade my Unraid

I build this with this website help in spring of 2020. A pandemic project

I want to upgrade to get a AVX/AVX2 CPU , a GPU so that I can play with AI and still continue to run my many home automation and application dockers .

Here is what I have now
Case : Cool Master N400 - I want to keep this
PSU: EVGA 650W - I want to keep this
CPU (DUAL): |Intel Xeon X5670 - Replace
Supermicro X8DTL-IF ATX DUAL - Replace
|Memory (x6)|4x16GB DDR3 PC3-8500 ECC REG - Keep if possible

I am running unraid with 4x2GB Array drive, 1x2gb Parity drive , 1X1GB SSD for cache. I have another Unassigned SSD that I use for playing with VM

Docker is configured to utilize a NVIDIA GT 1030, but I need something bolder like maybe a Tesla P40

What MB/CPU combo should I drop in that can use the 64GB memory? Then I will worry about the NVIDIA card

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Hey there @faspina
It sounds like you’re ready to give your Unraid setup a boost. So, here is your suggested upgraded plan:

  1. Look for a new CPU and motherboard combo that supports AVX/AVX2 and fits your case.
  2. Upgrade your GPU to something like a Tesla P40 for AI work.
  3. Consider larger SSDs for better storage performance.
  4. Check if your PSU can handle the new components.

Any recommendation for CPU, Motherboard, and Memory? Any builds on here that I should look at in particular?

My current config is dual CPU, should I go to single CPU

Hello again,
** I would suggest considering an AMD Ryzen 9 series CPU paired with a compatible motherboard and DDR4 memory for your upgrade. Checking out recent builds on sites like PCPartPicker can give you some great ideas and options to explore.Regarding your current dual CPU setup, transitioning to a single high-performance CPU could potentially simplify your system and make future upgrades easier to manage. It’s worth weighing the performance benefits against any specific needs you have for multi-threaded processing.**

I would recommend checkout out the NK 6.0 build. LGA 1511 is the current sweet spot for performance vs cost.

Modern single core systems will offer better performance for most home server use cases. For most use cases higher single thread performance will be more important than more cores unless you have a use case that involves running many VM simultaneously or you have some application that is very compute intensive and very parallelized.

As @faspina pointed out AM4 does offer an excellent value in terms of compute performance / cost, however if you are interested in transcoding video in Plex or Jellyfin I would recommend sticking with Intel since Intel’s QSV video transcoding acceleration is significantly better than AMD for which video transcoding is a bit of an Achilles heel.