Symantec 16EB/Promise Technology J630sD 16 bay JBOD w/ 16x3TB SAS HDD (48TB) - $460 OBO shipped

Symantec 16EB/Promise Technology J630sD 16 bay JBOD w/ 16x3TB SAS HDD (48TB)

This is the dual IO model (J630sD) not the single IO model (J630sS).

Read more about it below:

This is a huge JBOD with a bunch of features that Unraid/FreeNAS users won’t need. But you can just use it as a JBOD with SFF-8088 cables to your favorite external LSI SAS HBA. Drives can be upgraded to any size you want. Works with SAS or SATA drives.

$460 OBO shipped ($9.58/TB for the drives alone)

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Seller took $375 as OBO, and in case anyone wants to know, mine came with Seagate Constellation ES.3 drives. Haven’t set everything up so not sure how old they are, but (at least in my unit) they’re new enough that they have the newer Seagate logo/branding.

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For reference:

Thanks JDM and Tacoman. I just put in my offer as well. Neither $340.01 or $365.01 were accepted. They were auto rejected. $375 seemed to work. We’ll see if they accept. Now to sort out how to connect it to my NSFW build.

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LSI 9207-8e + SFF-8088 cables.

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I forgot to check whether these drives were the 4Kn ones or not. Dangit. If they are, I will need a new HBA.

This post will tell you.

Turns out they are not. Whew!

As stated above, this should be what’s used…I currently use this with a diff DAS enclosure and no issues.

So would you need two for this since it has 4 8088 connections in the back or am I missing something?

My LSI 9207-8e has two ports in the back, not four, unless I misunderstood you. Running two 8088 cables from the server with the LSI card into and adapter in the DAS that has breakout cables that go to the 8 drives.

This DAS (the Promise Technology J630sD) has 4 SFF-8088 ports in the back. Would the 8e be enough since it only has 2 or would you need a total of 16e (either 1x 16e or 2x8e) to be able to use the DAS? Or is it that only 2 ports are used for DAS and the other 2 are some function I don’t understand :thinking:

2 of the 4 ports are for daisy chaining another unit.

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I can post pictures later, but 2 ports are output and 2 ports are in. Ad JDM stated - for daisy-chaining more than one unit.

I have this: HP 24-Bay 3GB SAS SP Expander Card for DL785 ML370 DL380 468405-002 487738-001 attached to my NSFW build. Will the expander work with the SFF-8088 cables to attach the new drives?

Does the expander have a controller hooked up to it?

How about 72 TB?

ehhhhhhhhhhhh they are still 3TB drives only, I wouldn’t pay that much. Very cool though.

the onboard controller on the GA-7PESH2 board.

Managed to get one, was it plug and play or were there cli changes needed? Also my first DAS, are there any config changes I need to make to a server running unraid to get this to work?