Supermicro 45 bay DAS - SAS2, w/ caddys

4U Supermicro 45 Bay SAS2 JBOD Storage SC847E16-RJBOD Expander W Rail Kit

$324.35 + $80.00 shipping
Use a LSI 9201-16e and 2 or 4 8088 cables to connect to your main server.

Considering upgrading my SNAFU build this(currently maxed on drive space in two rosewill 4500’s that i’d like to free up for other projects) Is there anything that I wouldn’t have or anything else I would need to get? I assume these power supplies are loud as heck?

The seller note says “This is he Eco Pack Version it only comes with the 45 Bay JBOD Expander and does not come with HBA Card no Cables and no Rail kit”, but I should be good using my existing HBA card/s and cables right?

Anyone know if these come with the internal cables? Connecting the external ports to the backplanes.

Also what version of the CSE-PTJBOD-CB is included with this if there is one at all?

They should have the internal cables.

I sent them a message and here is the response.

All internal cables are included

These come with a rail kit

They are unsure of the fan controller module but I have asked if they are able to open a unit and check.

Link for supermicro spec sheet is

So I wonder if one could replace the seven internal 80mm fans with something quieter, like Nocturas, without much difficulty? The manual indicated that the existing fans just snap in place, no wiring required. Otherwise, I imagine this puppy might be pretty loud.

Price is very tempting, though.