Supermicro 24 Bay 4U X9Dri-F 72 TB Project And Reservoir Simulation Server

As usual, my posts are in reverse chronological order. Finished product first and details later since I’m on mobile.
This bad boy was purchased 4 months ago in March of this year, thanks to an impulse peer-pressured buy influenced by JDM. Sitting idle not plugged in until I got 24 3tb HGST SAS drives.

Chassis: Super Micro CSE-846A-R1200B
Mobo: SM X9Dri-f
Proc: Dual e5-2670 v1
Ram: 48 gb 1066mhz ecc Samsung ram
Backplane: SAS 2
Powersupply: dual 1200watt gold/or plat
SAS Card: LSI-9201/9211 Sas controller flashed to IR mode still
Hard drives: (24) - 3TB HGST Ultrastars

First turned on today: 7/24/19
Trying to figure out how to setup, and use ipmi without a monitor :slight_smile:

Will eventually be used to host personal project backup files , seismic data, well, production, and pressure data.

All feedback is welcome.


I’m glad you finally got started because I’ve been having a hell of a time starting from 0 trying to learn how to get up and running!

I’m one of the other peer pressured buyers of this chassis way back in March, but it’s been quite a struggle for me to get everything smoothly set up (probably just bad luck on my part)

We’d be happy to help. You should make a thread in #technology:tech-support

yup I made a thread over at Unable to enter Supermicro X9DRi-F BIOS

sorry I don’t mean to hijack this thread, I haven’t had a lot of time to sit down and debug my issues but I’m just glad to see others doing a build that I’ve been wanting to do for a few months now!

Oh, it’s all good. I’ll take a look at that thread, I seem to have missed it.

Huh, that’s really similar to something that I want to build, what case is that?

Supermicro 846 or 847. There’s a lot of variants with different backplane styles.

This is sweeeeeeeet.
I love it!

OP is my hero. Looks like a supermicro 846

are you gonna be modding this to reduce noise levels or are you going to stick with the passive heatsinks and shroud + high rpm fans?

If he is not, he should. I did for mine. Light and day difference.

Sorry for no replies. I have not done any fan mods. But I will at some point. So far just got a couple of of the quiet PSUs.
Waiting on procuring sliding rails first.
Once I can manuever it in the rack I can definitely play more.

Update: case is the following

I’m considering doing the fan mod for mine, just worried about it moving enough air. so far all I’ve done is swap the 3 middle system fans and the 2 exhaust fans for lower RPM supermicro fans, but the 2 exhaust fans are still so loud. wonder if I should just ditch the fan shroud and passive heatsinks and throw in noctuas plus a pair of active heatsinks?

A good control would be to test temps after each mod …

So mine is a 847 with 36 drives. I did it in 3 steps

First: I swapped all 7 in the fan wall alone. Noise came down a lot. I already had the SQ PSUs. But the rear ones had 6 3TB 7200RPM drives and a 8TB one. Temps on almost all the 7200RPMs were in low 50s. I have 2 SSD’s under the motherboard tray as well. All to motherboard PWM. Balanced profile in IPMI.

Second: I put two 40mm noctuas underneath the board tray. Ziptied together and stood up using double sided tape. I could have done 3. Just wanted air circulation there. Dont want hot air to accumulate. Rear drives temp fall below 50s. But then a new issue cropped up. I use 2680v2 CPUs, they started to climb upto 90 and throttle. Connected to rear BP fan port.

Third: I swapped out the passive cooler for CM 2U active cooler. The max speed is 4800RPM. So now, I moved all the fans from PWM to BP and let it run full speed. Only the CPU is connected to PWM. Balanced profile. At any time only 2 of my rear 7200RPM ones are bit hot. like ~48 degree C.

Now I live in FL and my apartment AC is always set at 67~69. I personally cannot stand hot temps. This helps as well. If i turn my AC off for couple hours, say for cooking, then HDD temps to climb up into high 50s. But that is expected.

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I didn’t do any fan mods to mine. I just adjust the fan speeds with a cron job and the ipmi command to 50% paired with the sq PSU (1 of them) and mine is plenty quiet.

Now racked using super micro rails rev b mcp-290-53-0n

And screws for mounting added

Update. Haven’t figured out where to use the screws that I bought so I might return them lol

Also view with things pulled out

Update figured out the screws. You only need 4 screws and four washers to mount the rails securely. Looks like I will have extras for another set :sunglasses: