Unable to enter Supermicro X9DRi-F BIOS

I installed Unraid on a Supermicro build a few months ago and ran a successful memtest, but since then have not powered on the server. Yesterday I powered on the server again to start using it again, but it would not boot into Unraid. After attaching a monitor, I found that I was getting stuck on an American Megatrends screen.

After booting the server, I get the Supermicro text screen followed by an American Megatrends screen, which states

“The IMC is operating with DDR3 1600MHz
press <DEL> or <ESC> to enter setup”

However, pressing either of those keys does not work even though it states “Entering setup…”

I don’t see any prompts to enter the BIOS prior to any of these screens, so I’m not sure what to do. I’m not sure where to continue from here as far as debugging goes, or even what might be causing the underlying issue

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edit: added images

I cleared CMOS and got to a supermicro screen that allowed me to enter setup, enter the boot menu, or network boot. I selected setup but it just hangs on that screen.

When I reboot the machine I just end up at the American Megatrends screen again…

wondering if I should retry clearing CMOS?

the next thing I’m going to try is

removing all add on cards on the motherboard (pretty much only have the LSI card) and then clearing the CMOS again and booting with only 1 CPU at CPU1 slot and 1 DIMM at P1-DIMMA1…

I’m not familiar with IPMI at all, so I’m not sure if I can use that to debug anything

I would switch out the CMOS battery. Some of the used boards have bad cmos batteries. I did have to clear my cmos on one of my servers.

So I’m gonna try to replicate some of your issues. This board has ipmi which means it is accessible without a monitor attached. I was not able to get it working in first try so I think I will try to plugin using a monitor for now.

I can trouble shoot further this weekend

Shouldn’t the DIMM go in A0?

Usually it’s tough for me to carve out time to chip away at my setup (which is why I haven’t gotten up and running after all these months!) but I’m hoping to dive into this over the weekend. I’ll try to find some time this weekend to be active on Discord too, but these forums are pretty great for keeping track of a conversation over time

makes sense, I will order a new battery and give this a shot when it arrives

sorry I’m not familiar with IPMI at all…I did start a conversation with Supermicro support today and they asked me about it as well so I’ll have to learn more about it before reporting anything back

from the motherboard manual it doesn’t look like there’s an A0 slot, the numbering just starts from A1

hey everyone just a quick update, I think I found the cause of the issue. I removed the most recent 4 (shucked) hdds I threw into my system and it booted fine again. This thread was the only thing I could find about the issue which backed up my hunch https://www.reddit.com/r/DataHoarder/comments/c390pd/newly_shucked_wd_10tb_stops_server_booting/

haven’t fully investigated much more but at least I’m finally able to boot into unraid again!

I believe it’s trying to boot from them, and it’s seeking across each 10TB looking for a boot device.

yeah I just removed the 4 newest HDDs and powered the server on. It booted into unraid normally, then I plugged the HDDs back in and now I’m clearing the drives. I think this should be resolved soon enough!

I think you should look closely at the boot order in the BIOS and disable all except for the unraid USB.

ok I will check it out now that it POSTs again, thanks for the heads up!