[SOLD] Intel DQ77KB Motherboard

Currently Selling the Intel DQ77KB Motherboard. I ordered 2 by accident which means Your Lucky Day. This is the board used in the pfSense Build.

Who ever buys

Asking: $65.00 Shipped

Hey, is this still available by any chance?

Sorry about the delay. Work has been jamming :slight_smile: but it is still available.

Sorry, just saw this. I’d like to buy it!

Awesome, What is your paypal or do you want to use venmo?

Paypal would be perfect, my email is

I think a laptop plug would fit it but you need to check volt and wattage.
I did just send you a pay pal request of 65.00. From Mugenstylus1

@jackhu22 This information is covered in the original guide.

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