Riggi's DFI Emu-Station (and plex client, obviously)

So, I bought two of these DFI boxes with the intention of making one my router and the other an emulation box. While I did mess about with using the onboard graphics for some light GameCube emulation (at only 720p :frowning:), I knew from the start I’d be juicing this bad boy up.

Naturally, I ordered an R9 Fury Nano for ~$140.

In the nude (click for pics)

Those of you who may be considered some of the sharpest bulbs on the Hanukkah tree may have noticed that it’s a two-slot card.
Don’t worry, Daddy Dremel saves the day like always.

Guy with a tremor uses a dremel saga

Did some guesstimating, miss me with that measuring shit. I wasn’t about to take the card out (seriously, it’s 4 screws man), so I just held up the various edges of the top to where it should line up on the case and made some marks.

After inhaling enough dust to make 60 new cutting wheels, the first bit is done. I felt like an F1 pit crew member with these wheel changes, it was brutal. One wheel would cut about an inch and a half worth of metal before being no more than a nub.

Whoops, forgot the PCIe bracket that’s also two slots. Yeah, there’s a single slot one available, but the only options are $50 shipping from Europe or wait two months from China, so I made a new option to just make it fit.

Did some touch-up work with old model paint ft. my toes for you sick sons of bitches on here.
See the big stripe underneath the cut? That’s from a pencil eraser, apparently mine erases more than I bargained for.

Okay, so onto the moneyshots.
Teaser :

Finished product

As for emulation performance, hot damn does this box surprise me. It runs GameCube/Wii games at full speed no problem, as well as the vast majority of PS2 games (read: not Shadow of the Colossus, that shit is impossible to run). That’s at a minimum of 1080p internal resolutions.

It runs Cemu (Wii U emulator) okay, I’ve only tested two games so far - Mario Kart 8 and Smash 4.
MK8 runs at playable speeds, ~55 FPS. 1080p IR.

Smash 4? 60fps @ 4k IR. I never dreamt it would work this well on a WiiU game.

More emu info

Super Mario Galaxy @ 60fps with a bluetooth-passthrough Wiimote - that means no compromise of control features. Does the audio and everything. Pretty sweet, but I don’t really play Wii games.
Not pictured: the superior Super Mario Sunshine @ 1080p60.

Smash 4 at 4k, 60fps. I died once in a two-stock game right away taking this picture.

Obviously I still won, lvl9 CPUs ain’t got nothin on my zerosuit gameplay.

An even brighter tool in the shed may note that the power supply probably can’t handle a Fury at full tilt. You’re right, which is why this bad boy is limited to 910mhz at 1106mv, as opposed to the regular 1000mhz at 1218. It had a larger impact than I expected. The card is powered via a single 8-pin, which I have two separate molex lines powering. Plenty of power, no vdroop from using the same line.

The total power usage is surprisingly low - idles around 50-60w, and only breaks 140w in Cemu with Smash 4 (reaching about 220), Dolphin tops out at around 100w and PCSX2 at 130w.

All in all, awesome little box made even better by slapping a Fury in it. I plan on running this thing into the ground.

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I am fully torqued and fully subscribed to this thread.

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I knew the toes would hook you

I mean, it’s a 250W bronze PSU… I bet it’d be fine.

It can pull a little over 200 under full load by itself, I actually tried it a bit with full clocks/voltage/power limit to see what would happen, it shut down on me a few times - otherwise I’d have it going full tilt.

I wonder if it’s pulling too much from the bus

Love the jank. I’d imagine you could 3D print a pretty sweet lid.

Great write-up. I’ve only used 1 for a PFsense box so far. I’ve done the fan upgrades and booted a second one but hadn’t come up for a use for it yet. Thanks for the ideas.

I’m saving my 3D modeling brain cells for when I finalize my in-desk-NAS, that’ll be chronicled on here too so stay tuned

This is sooooo cool

I want

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This is fucking dope. Makes me want to take one out of the cluster for this.

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@Riggi you should check out the A30 - I just picked up two of them.

The entire list of components can transplant into this, including the PSU.

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My wallet hates your guts

You know they’re hot

Hey so if I wanted to build such a game emu box - but don’t have the DFI board - what are some alternatives? Well I suppose almost anything - but how about the intel DQ77KB from nk4?

A30 case
intel DQ77KB
GPU that fits (gtx 1060 , GT 1030, R9 Fury Nano ) - I’m pretty ignorant on GPUs

Yeah, you could do that. The only problem with the DQ77KB is that it takes an external PSU, so it’d be quite a bit of effort to wire up an external GPU. It also doesn’t have a full size PCI-E slot, so that’s kind of a pain…

The power could probably be handled - but there doesn’t look like there is any way to handle the GPU - so you would be left with the Intel HD onboard - so you could get up to Intel HD 4000 with the i7-3770

There are other Mini-ITX options for that socket, that would work great in the A30. These all have full size PCI-E and use internal 24 pin ATX power supplies.

Such as this ASUS


or this Foxconn

Here’s a sizable Flex-ATX PSU

Thanks JDM - I’ll look