QS + SMB issues

finished setting up plex on my new prodesk, but im having trouble finding and mounting the drives from my windows 10 machine. also, my plex server is showing multiple servers with the same name, is this due to the sever still running on the windows machine in the background while i finish the setup on the prodesk. any help would be appreciated

Great guide posted by Lava57 further above to get you started:

been trying to follow this, but i keep getting confused. not sure what i’m doing wrong. i get them mounted, but then get confused on automounting. i had finished the first half, the folders populated in the mnt directory, but after a restart, everything disappeared.

Can you share what your mounts config(s) look like?

I followed the post above, and used “winshare” as a mount location, with the drives folders populating in that location. How do i share what my config looks like? Have little experience with linux, its been a while.

A clear picture with your phone would be fine.

these are the initial steps i use;

sudo mkdir /mnt/nfs
sudo mkrir /mnt/nfs/TV
sudo mkdir /mnt/Movies
sudo chown -R nobody:nogroup /mnt/nfs
sudo chmod -R 0755 /mnt/nfs

sudo mount -t cifs -o username=XXXX,password=XXXX // /mnt/nfs/TV/TV1
(+ all the other directories, ie: TV1, TV2, Anime1, etc)

folders populate, but disappear on restart. not sure what to do next.
also, any help on how to move the metadata folders from windows to ubuntu would be a great help. would rather not have my library rebuild

That command would need to run every time the QS box restarted. Did you follow the guide for automounting in Linux here? I’m super familiar, but using the commands you posted, there is no automatic mounting occuring.

i’ve been trying to get it working all day. im new to linux, i’m on the autofs step in the tutorial, that replaced step 4. that’s where i get confused, because the guide seems like is not set up for a windwos 10 machine, so i’ve been trying to piece it together

Do some reading on fstab. Basically autofs and fstab write mappings to a configuration file, and automount those directories at startup. That guide on our forums is written using NFS instead of CIFS/SMB.

i have been reading up on both, which is why i’m confused. at this moment, i’m editing the auto.master and adding /mnt/nfs /etc/auto.nfsdb --timeout=0 --browse. do i enter it just like that, because in my mnt/nfs, i have my dir setup in this manner; /mnt/nfs/tv/ with sub directories for tv, cartoons, anime etc, and same thing for my /mnt/nfs/movies/ with subdirectories for movies, anime, kids movies, etc

I don’t think changing the file /etc/auto.nfsdb file is doing anything at all, since that would be NFS specific.

Take a look here (Quick guide to autofs for SMB and NFS shares on Ubuntu | Anteru's Blog). I would not recommend using the /mnt/nfs directory for CIFS shares, I would make everything consistent.

The other alternative with this is to attempt to run the NFS server on the Windows machine, and then the guide I originally linked should work 100%.

i decided to start from scratch, haven’t created any /mnt directories yet, only thing done is i created the shares on windows 10 using this guide, Create Shares with Full access on Windows 10 • Website for Students

on the autofs portion, and trying to follow the guide you posted, have both autofs and cifs installed. trying to figure out what to to next

should i change the auto.master to /mnt/smb /etc/auto.cifs-shares --timeout=0 –browse

Yes. Do that. Autofs is for automounting the shares, CIFS in the protocol by which to do it.

For any other questions/concerns, lets go ahead and make a new thread to not fill this guide (H/W transcoding) with off-topic discussion.

@ncapps Did you ever get this working? I just came across this thread, I may be able to help.