[Official] Odroid H2+ Owner's Thread

Thanks, I didn’t knew about that issue! Do you have a link for it?

Have you seen the HP Prodesk? You’ll get better performance from that and it’s only $90…

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I did saw it, I’m a long time lurker of the forum, I just can’t easily find them in the EU!
I check on Ebay every now and then but I keep finding older Prodesk. I was even looking at building one but it’s though to find the pieces.
I’m really after a very low powered, low noise (and low budget) basic Plex build. That’s why this Odroid seems like the perfect fit!

The Prodesk is low power, low noise, and low budget. You just have to find one, or find something similar. The CPU generation is the important part, not the model of the computer itself.

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