[Official] Fanless Mini Box PC "Brick" - Jetway JBC390F541XA-1900-B

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I purchased this with my own money, because it was cool. Read the review to find out why.


It’s got a long and uninteresting name, so I’m going to call it “Brick”. If you’ve read the Fitlet2 review, this is very similar - with more power and capability. The I/O is probably the most versatile I’ve seen on one of these mini PCs, but the hardware is only modestly specced.

I picked this one up on ebay. They come and go around the $100 range. This particular one had the following specifications:

  • CPU: Intel Celeron J1900
    • 4C/4T @ 2.42 GHz
    • AES-NI: NO
  • RAM: 8GB DDR3
  • NIC: 2x Intel GbE, 4x Intel GbE

You can save this search to see if more pop up for sale.

You can find more information about this particular unit on Jetway’s website.

Let’s take a deeper look.


Leaf. Frying pan. Hand.

Model, weight, and dimensions.

It arrived well packaged with soft foam. It’s extremely unlikely this would ever get damaged in transit.

Just a quick peek at Brick before looking at what else is included in the box.

Multiple wall mounts, brackets, and mounting hardware is included.

Nice, a quality power supply! FSP Group makes some really excellent stuff. This one is a FSP060-DIBAN2, rated at 12V/5A = 60 watts.

External Overview

Let’s take a closer look at Brick.

All black everything, minus the power button. Pretty rad.

The entire case is one large heatsink for the CPU. It’s well machined and feels quite premium. The I/O end-plates on either end don’t feel as nice, though.

All external ports solid plastic port plugs. They’re easily removable, with no retention mechanism. The 4 ports in the front are attached to a 4 port PCIe Ethernet adapter, featuring Intel i211 NICs.

There’s even more I/O on the back.

Removing the plugs reveals the following:

  • DC power plug
  • Reset button
  • 4 USB (1 of which is 3.0)
  • HDMI
  • dual Ethernet
  • Serial port
  • VGA
  • Onboard Audio

Internal Overview

Disassembly is pretty straightforward.

The internal layout is pretty cool. There’s room for a 2.5" HDD/SSD in here in addition to the MSATA SSD slot.

This model only came with 8GB of RAM, but you can upgrade to 16GB if you feel the need to.

Below the 2.5" HDD/SSD cage are Mini-PCIe slots, one of which can accept MSATA SSDs (a 32GB SSD is already installed). The other would be perfect for Wi-Fi or LTE cards.

This is pretty unique. The motherboard has two horizontal PCIe x1 slots for semi-proprietary daughter boards. One is already in use by the quad port NIC, the other is typically used for COM ports. With some creativity, I’m sure it could be used for something else.

Here’s a shot with the SODIMM removed.

There’s a 4-pin PWM fan header on the board, although it definitely won’t be used since this is a fanless model.

Front panel connections for LED and power button.

Looks like there’s even a GPIO header.

The quad-port Intel NIC has the MAC address of each port labeled on the top. There’s also a header for activity LEDs for each port.

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What screwdriver set is that?

Same one I used in this review!

just picked one up. pretty cheap too!

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Nice little kit! I wonder what type of performance to expect out of that little thing. I really like these small form factor PC, super nice for messing around with a home lab on not to expensive a $$. Good way to test out clustering and other stuff.

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What do you think is a fair price on eBay? $100-150? You think it will run Pfsense well? What’s the power consumption?

can’t find it on ebay, anyone else have any luck?

I LOVE the labeling on the PCI slots/nvme slots!

Power consumption is about 10 watts. It’ll run Pfsense/Opnsense well, but it lacks AES-NI for VPN use. I’d say $150 maximum is a fair price.

Oh nice! That’s a great power level. Bummer, I do use it for VPN, so I will probably pass. Not bad though! Thanks for the info!

Seller posted a new one, kinda expensive at $325: Jetway Fanless System Celeron J1900 1.99GHz, 2GB RAM, 320GB HDD, 10 LAN Ports 640265334351 | eBay

but there is a best offer button, I wonder if he’ll be open to less than 50% offers.

Interesting, I’ve never seen a 10 LAN model!