[Official] ES100 MK1/MK2 - Owner's Thread


  • Bluetooth Wireless
  • 3.5mm single ended output
  • 2.5mm balanced output




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ES100 MK2 owner here. I primarily use it with my BLON BL-03 and Tripowin Zonie balanced 2.5mm cable. I love this combo!

At work:


+1 To This Configuration.



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The Ear Studio ES100 with Blons which I am running with Dekoni Tips and the Tripowin Balanced cable

I use this rig daily now for things like conference calls… all hail the belt clip


I’m interested in getting the es100 but how is the battery life and are there any issues with connectivity?
Reading amazon reviews gives the impression they have problems keping a bluetooth connection or even dying after a few days. I’m hoping these are just isolated incidents but don’t want to spend $90 and have these issues.

Anyone one who has had these long term I would love to hear from you especially.

I get a solid 9-10 hours out of my es100 and I have had no Bluetooth issues at all

Ok then those were just isolated incidents, thats good then. Thank you.

Update: Just ordered the es100, Tripowin balanced cable for blons, and the dekoni tips taking my first steps into the audiophile world.