[Official] BLON BL-03 - Owner's Thread


  • Available in 2 colors (Grey/Brown, Silver/Chrome)
  • Available with or without microphone





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We are legion

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I officially hate JDM.

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The Blons absolutely rock!!! I got some quality time with mine yesterday and was finally able to run them through the full gambit of my playlist.

These things are bad ass and rock solid even without an amp and plugged into my phone!!

I am currently awaiting my balanced cable from Drop.

Rocking Blon BL-03 today with Tripowin balanced 2.5mm cable, and driven by my FiiO K3. What a great combo!

Can confirm. Exact same setup, it is God tier

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I have officially next leveled my Blons
Now Running them with Dekoni Tips, Tripowin Balanced cable, and the Ear Studio ES100

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I guess i’ll be different…


That is one gold boi

it’s bright